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Maganik mountains - as if you are on another planet


Although Montenegro is small, there is always at least one place that you have never heard of, let alone been to.Readers of the Share Montenegro portal classified Trešteni vrh (1980m above sea level) on the Maganik mountain as such a place. A peak reached by only a few. The first association about Trešten vrh is that it is on another planet.Ex...

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The Spanish TVE 2 chose Montenegro for the filming of the show Paths of the World


The National Tourism Organization (NTO) supported the stay of the crew of the Spanish national television TVE 2 in order to record an episode of the show Paths of the World /Senderos del mundo/.Representatives of the TV crew, led by the show's protagonist Juan Frutos, stayed in Montenegro from Friday to Monday and filmed in the area of Kotor, Budva...

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Magic in Portonovi: The biggest Christmas tree in Montenegro lit up


The beginning of December in Portonovi is marked by New Year's decorations, which both last year and this year, attract sighs from visitors.Right before the start of the holiday season, which began with the symbolic lighting of the biggest Christmas tree in Montenegro on December 3, Portonovi was awarded at one of the most important fashion ev...

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Air Montenegro: Additional flights to Prague from 2023, new destinations Brno and Bratislava


Flights from Tivat to Prague will take place four times a week from May, while the first flights on the new routes will start from June next year.National airline Air Montenegro has announced that it will introduce additional flights to Prague starting next year, as well as new lines to Brno and Bratislava.Flights from Tivat to Prague will take pla...

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ShareMontenegro: Seven ideas for a perfect autumn day at sea


Those who visit the coast exclusively in summer are missing out on a lot. The true colors of life at sea can only be seen when everything is quiet and back to normal. When the clock ticks slower and there is time for everything. Only then do the locals, streets and squares show their true colors: dreamy and melancholic, but still warm and cordial.I...

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Festive Lights On – New Year's light game in Luštica Bay


The Festive Lights On event will mark the spectacular lighting of the New Year's lights on the promenade and throughout Luštica Bay, on Saturday, December 3, at 5 p.m. - everyone gathered will enjoy the synergy of the festive bazaar, the musical program, and the attractive agenda of the program from 11 a.m., and the culmination of the event it star...

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Montenegro is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Israelis


Montenegro is one of the most popular tourist destinations for IsraelisThe National Tourism Organization (NTO), bearing in mind the great interest from Israel in Montenegro and the excellent air connectivity, intensified promotional activities in that market, which resulted in an improved image and numerous affirmative articles, as well as reports ...

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According to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Durmitor is among the 7 most beautiful places for hiking in Europe


The prestigious British travel magazine "Conde Nast Traveller", in its online edition, published a list of the TOP 7 most beautiful places for hiking in Europe, among which is Durmitor National Park.Among the most beautiful places for hiking located in England, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Ireland and Spain, there is Durmitor National Park, which they...

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Ryanair introduces a tenth destination to Podgorica - From March, flights to Gdansk


The low-cost airline Ryanair has announced that next year it will add six new destinations from Podgorica and the Croatian coast, as part of expanding its operations throughout the former Yugoslavia. As the portal ExYu Aviation News reports, the Irish low-cost airline plans to increase the frequency of existing services throughout the region, so it...

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Austrian Airlines has announced the launch of a new seasonal route between Vienna and Tivat.


As reported by the Ex YU Aviation portal, flights will take place three times a week from May 13, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. They remind that operations between the two cities were originally planned to start this year.With the launch of this line, Tivat becomes the second Austrian destination in Montenegro after Podgorica, and the compa...

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Budva island mini trail race on November 13 on the island of Sveti Nikola


Triathlon club "Budva" with the support of Budva Tourist Organization and Humanitarian swimming marathon "OPEN WATER" organizes a race on the island of Sveti Nikola. The race is scheduled to be held on Sunday, November 13, starting at 11 a.m.As explained by the Budva club, it is a trail run of almost 6 km, or more precisely, 2 laps of a well-marked...

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Schedule of winter flights 2022/23 from Montenegro on direct and connecting flights


According to the current schedule, Montenegrin Airline Airmontengro has announced that this winter it will operate direct flights from Tivat and Podgorica airports to 3 destinations, namely Belgrade, Ljubljana and Istanbul.Other airlines organize their flights from Montenegrin airports according to the winter flight schedule to Vienna, London, Ista...

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The largest ship - bookstore in the world, Logos Hope, arrives in Portonovi Marina on November 9.


? Logos Hope, the world's largest floating book fair, is coming to Portonovi? The largest ship - bookstore in the world, Logos Hope, arrives in Portonovi Marina on November 9.? The book fund of this ship consists of more than five thousand titles, predominantly in English, and in addition to fiction and professional editions in fields such as scien...

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Try natural products from local producers at the "Koštanijada" in Ostros on November 12 and 13.


Organized by the MZ Ostros, under the auspices of the Municipality of Bar and the Tourism Organization of Bar, on November 12 and 13, after a two-year break due to the pandemic, the "Koštanijada" will be held in Ostros.This authentic manifestation affirms the multi-ethnic nature of the municipality of Bar, the specific cultural and tourist offer of...

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Air Montenegro plans three destinations in winter


Air Montenegro's 2022/23 winter season network, which begins this Sunday, will be made up of three destinations outside of the country - Belgrade, Ljubljana and Istanbul. The carrier will run double daily flights from the Montenegrin capital to Belgrade and between two and four weekly rotations to Ljubljana. It plans to operate two weekly flights t...

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Tour operators from the Baltic countries in Montenegro: People, food and culture are truly unique


The National Tourism Organization of Montenegro (NTO CG) in cooperation with the national airline Air Montenegro, organized a study visit of a group of 12 representatives of tour operators from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who are staying in our country from October 18 to 22.The goal of the arrival of guests from the Baltic states is to get to kn...

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The German television "WDR" broadcast a documentary about Montenegro


 Montenegro Montenegro was presented to German viewers as an attractive tourist destination through the documentary "Magnificent Vacation between the Adriatic Sea and the Mountains", as part of the popular show "Wunderschön" on the public service "WDR". The documentary is the result of a visit by the "WDR" news team, who stayed in our country ...

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National Geographic magazine photographer: Of all the countries I have visited, Montenegro is one of the most beautiful


I don't even know how many times I have visited your beautiful country, but every time I discover something new, said BanksThe National Tourist Organization of Montenegro is hosting the photographer of one of the most influential British travel magazines, "National Geographic Traveller", Jordan Banks.As announced by the National Tourist Organizatio...

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Our Lady and love, faith, hope


As magically beautiful as it is from the outside, the shrine of Our Lady of the Rocks is adorned with a rich history that is best experienced on the island itself. So small and at the same time such a big place.A place where many newlyweds vow eternal love, a place of prayer in difficult times, a place of hope for Boke sailors, a keeper of Boke wom...

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