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T.O Budva presented the walking tour Braici - Praskvica


It takes more than 20,000 steps to cover a distance of almost 16 kilometers on the "Brajići - Ograđenica - Praskvica Monastery" hiking trail, which the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva recently presented to the general public.The road from the highway leads you to the Kosmač fortress, which is located 800 meters above sea level and...

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More than 90 visitors on a walking tour in the hinterland of Budva


More than 90 people, eager to explore a different perspective of the Budva hinterland, hiking and enjoying nature, today, organized by TO Budva and under the watchful supervision of Budva firefighters, toured the footpath from Brajić to the Praskvica monastery, visiting the monastery of St. Spiridon on Ogradenica. In a route more than 15 km long, m...

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Two gold and three silver medals in Croatia for Montenegrin prosciutto


At the 14th International Prosciutto Fair - ISAP 2022, which was held at the end of last week in Tinjan, Istria, Croatia, Montenegrin prosciutto producers achieved remarkable results. Five medals were won, two of which are gold and three silver, and went to the companies Marteks and Mianja, that is, Zrnožit, Monstate and Interprodukt.According to T...

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Wine roads


Want to know why Montenegro is considered one of the cradles of viticulture, what endemic grapevine varieties it is known for, and what lies behind the story of the secret military airport, which has been transformed into a grandiose wine cellar? Then set off down Montenegro's wine road. Facts: The most famous vineyard areas: Crmnica, Nahije, Koman...

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Lake Zminica - wild nature at your fingertips


A few minutes' drive from Njeguđa, nestled in a bay surrounded by coniferous forests, there is a lake that always smells of autumn - Zminičko. Although it is located on Sinjajevina, it belongs to the Durmitor National Park. It got its name from the place of Zminice in Zabljak, where it is located. It has an altitude of 1285 m.The depths of the...

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The best locations for diving in Montenegro


The sea of Montenegro definitely provides the conditions for a quality diving experience, whether it is for experienced divers or those who are venturing into the depths of the sea for the first time.The underwater world of the Adriatic abounds with many underwater caves and corals that create the most beautiful diving scenes. What should be emphas...

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Visit and Explore the Venice of Montenegro


Only thirty kilometers away from the capital of Montenegro is Lake Skadar, the largest freshwater area in Southeast Europe, the home of a curlew bird that decided to build its nest right there. Lake Skadar is the magical Venice of Montenegro. It is the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. It is located on the very border between Montenegro and A...

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Tivat will host the Europa Cup regatta from October 6 to 9


From October 6 to 9, Tivat and Montenegro are hosting the Europa Cup regatta for the ILCA class, for which 85 competitors from 13 European countries and distant Bahrain took part. From Thursday to Sunday, they will compete in three categories - Olympic ILCA 7, transitional class for men - ILCA 6 and ILCA 4 for girls. This will be the third major in...

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An authentic local market in Luštica Bay


Montenegrin exhibitors of domestic organic products and authentic handicrafts will present themselves throughout OctoberThe Luštica Bay promenade in the Marina neighborhood will turn into an authentic market of local products and handicrafts, every Sunday in October - the first bazaar called "Luštica Bay Sunday Market" is scheduled for October 2, w...

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Latvian Air Baltik announces flights to TIvat


Latvian airline airBaltic will enter the Montenegrin market on May 4, 2023, with a two-week rotation between Riga and Tivat.The airline has never served Montenegro in the past, and the entry into the new market is part of a broader plan for the region, which will also include flights to Belgrade, Split and Dubrovnik.All destinations will be connect...

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Risan – the oldest settlement in Boka Bay


The capital of Boka used to be Risan. The entire bay was called Risanski zaliv, after the oldest settlement.In Risno, the Illyrian queen Teuta found shelter from the Romans in 228 BC, who encouraged the development of settlements at this location. According to legend, she committed suicide in Risno due to her inability to resist the Romans. She fou...

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British journalist Marcus Leach visiting Montenegro with his camper


British journalist Marcus Leach and his family are on a study visit to Montenegro during September as part of an adventure camper tour.  A stay in the National Parks of Montenegro is part of the visit plan, and his impressions of the natural beauty of Montenegro, which he shared with his followers on social networks Instagram and Twitter, are ...

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From the Winter flight schedule: Austrian airlines from Podgorica to Vienna, Air Montenegro from Tivat to Belgrade and Istanbul


Austrian Airlines without flights to Tivat during the winter. There are flights to Podgorica four days a week.  After October 30, Austrian Airlines will continue with flights on the route Vienna-Podgorica, but in a reduced volume.We will be able to see the planes of this airline at the Podgorica airport twice a day, four days a week (Monday, W...

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The Swedish television station SVT is recording a report about Boka Bay


One of the most famous Swedish TV series "Mästarnas mästare - Eternal Glory" is being filmed in Tivat these days. It is about the most popular TV program in Sweden, which is broadcast on the Swedish national television SVT, according to the Tivat Tourism Organization.The mentioned TV show is characterized by a high rating when it comes to viewershi...

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World famous DJ Fedde le Grand about concerts and impressions from his vacation in Montenegro


The Montenegrin audience is completely special, said Dutch house DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand and stated that, when he performs in Montenegro, he has the feeling that he is performing for family and friends.In Montenegro, as Le Grand said for the MINA agency, there is something that makes him feel like he is at home."People are open, very friendl...

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The largest ship-bookstore in Bar and Portonovi


There are several hundred thousand books on "Logos Hope", and the entire team works as volunteersThe largest bookshop ship in the world "Logos nada" will soon arrive in Montenegro, where it will spend a month. This was confirmed on the site by the owners of this unusual ship, the international organization Good Books for All (GBA)."Logos Nada", whi...

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Opening of Mamula Island in the second half of September


The island-hotel Mamula Island in Herceg Novi will open its doors for visits from locals in the second half of September and in the next two months, through cultural events, organized tours and tours, will present the offer of the destination to all citizens of Montenegro.This was announced by the general manager of Mamula Island, Henning A. Schaub...

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In anticipation of the sunset at the Ulcinj Saltworks on September 2 and 3, the "Bird Salt People" festival


The second "Bird Salt People" - a festival dedicated to the Ulcinj salt pan, but also to the promotion of other protected areas, is held in Ulcinj, organized by the NGO "Dr. Martin Dr. Schneider-Jacoby".On August 26, the festival opened with a concert by the Montenegrin Youth Orchestra, and after numerous activities, such as bird watching, presenta...

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Black Sabah Magazine: "Mountains behind, sea underfoot"


"There is a saying I always use about the cities I visit, "If I said that I love every city I visit, I would be doing an injustice to the cities that I really feel at home." Budva is one of these cities. Budva is a small city in Montenegro, a small country influenced by the Venetians and got its name by combining their words – Monte (Mountain) and ...

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Port of Kotor - today six cruise ships that brought thousands of tourists


As announced by the Port of Kotor AD, a total of six cruise ships will sail into the Bay of Kotor today, bringing thousands of tourists.Cruiser "AIDAblu" sailed from Zadar at 8:30 a.m., and it is planned to leave for Dubrovnik at 9 p.m. There are 1898 passengers and 610 crew members on board.At 9:00 a.m., the ship "TO Callista" sailed from the port...

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