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Currently, 15 info tourist points have been opened on the territory of the municipality of Budva


 1.INFO POINT MUNICIPALITY Address: Trg Sunca 3, near the building of the Municipality of BudvaJobs: Payment of sojourn tax, registration of residence, information, otherWorking hours: 08.00h-20.00h (all year round), Sundays in the season 08.00h-14.00hTourist tax collection date: 08.00h-17.40h2.INFO POINT MAIN ROADAddress: Mainski put bb, unde...

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Air Montenegro has been flying from Podgorica to Istanbul since June 18


The national airline Air Montenegro will receive another flight to Istanbul on June 18th."After almost a year since the first flight to Istanbul from Tivat, Air Montenegro planes will fly to that destination from Podgorica twice a week throughout the summer," the company said in a statement.With this line, the national airline has met with great in...

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The price of a daily tourist parking pass in Budva is from 7 to 15 euros


Depending on the location of the parking lot, the prices of daily tourist parking passes vary, for which there is great interest because they offer a benefit in relation to paying for parking per hour, our portal from the Budva Parking Service announced."Issuance of tourist passes is extremely simplified and is done at toll booths-checkpoints, whic...

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Journalists from Poland were delighted by the wild beauty of Montenegro


The National Tourist Organization of Montenegro, as part of promotional activities on the Polish market, is hosting a group of the most important representatives of the Polish media, who are on a study visit to Montenegro from 16 to 20 May.Representatives of popular newspapers: Gazeta.pl, WP.pl, Rynek Turystyczny & Magazyn Świat, Wiadomości-Tur...

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How the Kotor "knights of our time" returned the little dolphin to its parents!


 Unusual visitors interrupted a peaceful morning in the Montenegrin Bay of Kotor. Vjekoslav Barić, janitor of the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor, went on a regular tour of the field.He could not have imagined that his rescue mission would begin then "I am proud to have saved one creature who owed me both as a fisherman and as a sailor," ...

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These wild journeys: Van Life in Montenegro


They are Jack and Jo, two nature-obsessed explorers and their canine co-pilot Frank. They are travelling the world in their tiny home on wheels, sharing videos, blogs, photos and more from their wild journeys to beautiful places, to help inspire people to live smaller, greener and outdoors. Planning a road trip to the Balkans, and curious to know w...

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10 interesting things you may not have known about Bar


How much do you know about Bar and what is your first association?Beautiful port city, wide streets, harmonious and tidy, the most beautiful sunsets, spacious promenade, olive groves, hidden beaches,… Queen Beach Photo: Balkan Media tim  It's all true. But Bar is much more than that. Apart from its undeniable beauty, this city keeps true stori...

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Black Lake and Nevidio Canyon - relaxation and adventure


Black Lake If you are looking for a real adventure, wild waterfalls of the Nevidio canyon and also the calm and mysterious waters of Black Lake. Three kilometers southwest of Zabljak, with which it is onnected by an asphalt road, is Black Lake, the largest and most famous lake in Durmitor and the second largest mountain lake in Montenegro. Black La...

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Nautical Marinas in Montenegro


Are you looking for a travel destination that is full of breathtaking views of majestic mountains, glorious beaches, and offers to do multiple things in small packages? If yes, then the answer is to visit Montenegro. It is because the 300 km larger country is one of the most spectacular seaside scenery of European countries. The beaches are full of...

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Have you visited Sveti Vid ?


The cult of Sveti Vid was once widespread on the Adriatic coast. His respect in the Church is very old, and it has spread all over Europe. All the churches, some of which have been demolished and some partially or completely rebuilt, have in common that they were built on the tops of hills.One of them is the church of Sveti Vid - located on the hil...

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Stories from the underwater world: SS TIHANI - The most attractive wreck of the Bay of Kotor


The most attractive wreck of the Bay of Kotor rests on a keel, slightly sloping to the right, on the sandy seabed. The beauty of its construction, overgrown with different types of colorful sponges and surrounded by fish, is enjoyed by divers who can dive to a depth of 40 meters. The uniqueness of the diving experience is the rather good preservati...

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What to see in Kotor


Kotor, Italian Cattaro, walled town, seaport, and resort at the south end of Kotor Bay, one of four bays of the Gulf of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), on the Adriatic coastline of Montenegro. The town, situated about 30 miles (50 km) south of Nikšić, lies at the foot of the sheer Lovćen massif, which rises to 5,738 feet (1,749 metres). Kotor was founded by...

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Don't miss: Flamingos tours in the Ulcinj saltworks


Although it lost its original purpose in 2013, the Ulcinj saltworks was and remains special because of the birds that have always inhabited this area. Even before the exploitation of sea salt began, the birds found their peace right here. Few places in the world have as many different bird colonies as in this area.It is an interesting fact - over 3...

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Nevidio Eco-village, First Eco-certified Accommodation in Northern Montenegro


Nevidio eco-village is the first holder of sustainability certification and the EU's Ecolabel in northern Montenegro. This ecological certification is confirmation of the application of ecological standards relating to the environmental protection policy, rational use of water, preservation of air quality, energy efficiency, a proper deposit of was...

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Take a photo with a historical sailboat built in 1933


Ordered by Royal Yugoslav Navy, the ship is being built from 1931 to 1933 in H.C. "Stulcken & Sohn" in Hamburg – Germany. The vessel itself was designed by Yugoslav naval architect, Josip Jozo Škarica, and the newly built vessel was launched on 25th June 1931 in Hamburg and completed on 27 June 1933, and delivered to the Royal Yugoslav Navy. Ja...

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Mirko and his horses are breaking records during the covid pandemic in the north of Montenegro


The north of Montenegro is known for its numerous lakes, mountains, national parks, healthy food and untouched nature. For this reason, every year there are more and more tourist nature lovers in the mountains of Montenegro. Ten years ago, in the north of Montenegro, an authentic tourist offer was developed in the form of eco-Katun settlements. The...

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Journalists from Poland were delighted by the wild beauty of Montenegro


 The National Tourist Organization of Montenegro, as part of promotional activities on the Polish market, is hosting a group of the most important representatives of the Polish media, who are on a study visit to Montenegro from 16 to 20 May.Representatives of popular newspapers: Gazeta.pl, WP.pl, Rynek Turystyczny & Magazyn Świat, Wiadomoś...

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The airports will connect Montenegro with 25 new destinations


"Destinations from which we will welcome passengers in Podgorica are Almaty, Katowice, Milan, Luxembourg, Poznan, Yerevan, Paradubice and Tel Aviv, and in Tivat they are Stuttgart, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Riyadh, Oslo, Helsinki, Geneva, Ljubljana, Prague, Banja Luka, Bratislava, Munich, Frankfurt, Kraljevo, Nis and Vilnius ... ", Radulović specified...

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Portonovi Yacht Club will organize two regattas this summer


One of the first activities of the newly opened sailing club Portonovi Yacht Club is to attract lovers of sailing and sea activities. The club prepares through events during the summer and activities that will delight sailors and sailing enthusiasts, while club members will enjoy special benefits. In addition to the opening event, Portonovi Yacht C...

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Triathlon is finally coming to Plavsko Lake and Prokletije!


One of the most modern and popular sports of today is finally coming to Prokletije ? The first "Prokletije Sprint Triathlon" will be held on Saturday, June 26, with the joint efforts of the Tourist Organizations Gusinje and Plav, and in cooperation with the Triathlon Club "Kotor", they confirmed for the portal #ShareMontenegro from the Tourist Orga...

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