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From the sea to the mountains in an hour


Only here you can experience the mountain and the sea in one breath or, even better said, in a single day! A day that starts off with sunbathing and swimming in the sea can easily end at the top of the mountain. 

From Herceg Novi to Orjen

The Herceg Novi wilderness has an extensive, top-quality network of over 30 marked hiking and mountaineering trails, mostly located within the Nature Park "Orjen." If you head north of Herceg Novi on a road that takes you through several tranquil villages, in less than an hour you will find Mount Orjen.

With a mountain guide, you can go for a walk down the road that the Austro-Hungarian Empire built in the 1800s, and your guide will teach you how to recognize the special beauty of this mountain. This tour requires fitness and dexterity, because the terrain is rocky and often slippery. When you reach the foot of the mountain, you will come across a small cave, where you can take a break (don't forget to bring a snack.) This is a special adventure where you can release everyday stress, and enjoy the aromas and visual delights of the untouched nature that surround you. And best of all, upon your return you will find yourself at sea, and you can marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Kotor. 

From Kotor to Lovćen

Considering that Lovćen is located near Kotor, many people will walk to it on a demanding but breathtaking route that leads from the Old Town of Kotor all the way to Jezerski Vrh. There are many more marked trails in the national park. However, if you are not an experienced mountaineer, and you want to arrive in less than an hour (32 km), we recommend heading to the peak by car or taxi. Take an obligatory stop during the tour at Njegoš's mausoleum on Jezerski Vrh (1660 m above sea level.) A narrow asphalt road leads to the foot of the mausoleum, from where you have to ascend 461 stone steps. You will be greeted by a curator or guide who will provide you with fascinating info about the beloved Bishop of Montenegro, Peter II Petrovic Njegos. Here you will find the best panoramic view in the whole of the country. Don't miss the tour of the Njeguši village, a kind of climate spa, as well as the Ivanova Korita picnic area, and the historic city center of Cetinje. 

Vrmac Peninsula in the Bay of Kotor - a pedestrian's paradise

If you want adrenaline, the peaks of Vrmac will provide it, and if you want a gentler trail complete with beautiful lookouts, you can choose from some great hiking trails in the area. Vrmac is divided into the Kotor and Tivat sides, because the peninsula separates the Tivat and Kotor bays. On the Kotor side you will find Muo, Prčanj and Donji Stoliv, and on the Tivat side are Lepetane, Donja Lastva, Seljanovo, Tivat, and Mrčevac. In Vrmac, find two specially marked hiking and biking trails, measuring at a total length of 16,768 m. Find starting points for hikes on both the Tivat and Kotor sides. Keep in mind that these hikes classify as light and medium difficulty.

When you find yourself at the top, enjoy the view of Kotor on one side - a magnificent city that is part of the world's cultural and natural heritage, and the view of Tivat on the other, as well as the Tivat archipelago that forms the Prevlaka Peninsula, Sveti Marko, and Školj. 

Mount Rumia

The mountain that connects the sea and the lake, heaven and earth, centuries and religions, is located in the Bar hinterland - the magnificent Rumia. If you head there from Bar, you will need to take about a 40-minute drive to the Monastery of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Mikulići, located at the foot of Rumija, where you will set off on a two-hour climb with a licensed guide. At the top you will be greeted by the best lookout point in the Bar region. Feast your eyes on the panorama before you, which include views of the open sea and Lisinj, the southern ridge of Rumija all the way to Bojana, as well as iconic natural landmarks like Prokletije, Skadar Lake, Kučka Mountain, Komovi, Durmitor, Orjen, Lovćen, and Vrsut. 

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