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Maganik mountains - as if you are on another planet


Although Montenegro is small, there is always at least one place that you have never heard of, let alone been to.
Readers of the Share Montenegro portal classified Trešteni vrh (1980m above sea level) on the Maganik mountain as such a place. A peak reached by only a few. The first association about Trešten vrh is that it is on another planet.

Experienced mountaineers would still tell you about this peak that it is the largest karst erosion in the area of Montenegro, but that it feels like you are on another planet. Why is that so? This whole area looks like rocky caps with a large number of pits, crevices and wells, so it looks a bit scary.

The deepest Iron pit is located here, 162 meters deep, and according to some parameters it is considered one of the largest in the world.
In addition to Tresteni vrh, there are other peaks - Babin zub (2111m above sea level), Kokotov vrh (2001m above sea level), Rogođed (2037m above sea level) and numerous others...

There was also a plane crash on Maganik. Maganik with its peaks also went down in history with one plane crash. 
One of JAT's deadliest plane crashes took place here on September 11, 1973, when a Caravella SE-210 was flying from Skopje to Podgorica and crashed into the highest mountain peak, Babin zub.

All 35 passengers and six crew members died. It has never been revealed with certainty why the experienced captain Živojin Maglić, who was previously Tito's pilot, deviated from the established route and why he started diving in the fog before flying over the high mountain ridges.

To this day, there is a black mark on Baba's tooth where the plane hit and exploded. On Maganik only if you are experienced mountaineers, or with organized tours

As the peaks of Maganika are considered very inaccessible and unpredictable areas of Montenegro, we recommend that you go to them only with experienced mountaineers. 

Source: Share Montenegro

Cover photo: Željko Pejović


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Monday, 02 October 2023

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