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The olive tree from Bar has turned 2,247 years old: It still lives in symbiosis with floristic elements and organisms


Montenegro's most popular tree, the Old Olive Tree from Bar, is visited by nearly 100,000 tourists every year, who on their way to the ramparts of the Old Town are happy to visit one of the most interesting natural attractions, not only in the Balkans, but also in the world.

Based on research conducted by the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Istanbul, we can say that this year is 2,247 years old. He is truly a silent witness to numerous historical turmoils that took place on the territory of Bar. It represents a variety of the autochthonous variety of yellowberry. It is known for the fact that it still gives birth and we produce olive oil from it every year," explained the executive director of the Bar Oil Company, Dr. Marija Markoč

In its history, it has experienced two fires, and it has recently been registered in a special register of natural monuments.

"It was registered for the first time in 1957, but due to changes at the state level and through bureaucratic procedures, it was lost somewhere. Thanks to the local administration, she was re-entered in that register and that meant that we had to take care of her in a special way. This was entrusted to the Association of Olive Growers Bar, in cooperation with expert and competent persons," said Markoč, and at the same time added that they were worried when they noticed that there was a little less abundance of green mass lately. 

Source: Jadranovi

Photos: Mediabiro



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Monday, 02 October 2023

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