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Zminjie Lake, one of the 18 pearls of the Durmitor National Park


Mount Durmitor was given the category of a national park back in 1952. At its foot are 18 lakes that belong to the group of glacial lakes. One of them is Zminje jezero, which, hidden deep in the forest, attracts many visitors with its unreal beauty.

Zminje lake belongs to the group of small lakes. Its surface is about 230 by 120 meters, and it is located at 1520 meters above sea level.
The deepest point of this lake is only 7.7 meters deep. The water in the lake is extremely cold due to the accumulation of the lake through melting snow as well as two nearby springs.


In addition to the very cold water, the lake is also famous for the unusual color of the water, blue-green. Also, the water is very clear and clean, thanks to which the lake is abundant with vegetation.
Zminji jezera can be reached by a road, which is quite passable, so if you are a nature walker you can take a leisurely walk along this road, or, if you are not, you can get there by car.

The path to the lake is not particularly demanding, considering that there are no major climbs on it, and it is also suitable for younger children. Also, it is not necessary to have any special footwear if you decide to walk this path.  

Source/Photos: Oko Sveta



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