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ShareMontenegro: Seven ideas for a perfect autumn day at sea

Those who visit the coast exclusively in summer are missing out on a lot. The true colors of life at sea can only be seen when everything is quiet and back to normal. When the clock ticks slower and there is time for everything. Only then do the locals, streets and squares show their true colors: dreamy and melancholic, but still warm and cordial.I...

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Schedule of winter flights 2022/23 from Montenegro on direct and connecting flights

According to the current schedule, Montenegrin Airline Airmontengro has announced that this winter it will operate direct flights from Tivat and Podgorica airports to 3 destinations, namely Belgrade, Ljubljana and Istanbul.Other airlines organize their flights from Montenegrin airports according to the winter flight schedule to Vienna, London, Ista...

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T.O Budva presented the walking tour Braici - Praskvica

It takes more than 20,000 steps to cover a distance of almost 16 kilometers on the "Brajići - Ograđenica - Praskvica Monastery" hiking trail, which the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Budva recently presented to the general public.The road from the highway leads you to the Kosmač fortress, which is located 800 meters above sea level and...

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Wine roads

Want to know why Montenegro is considered one of the cradles of viticulture, what endemic grapevine varieties it is known for, and what lies behind the story of the secret military airport, which has been transformed into a grandiose wine cellar? Then set off down Montenegro's wine road. Facts: The most famous vineyard areas: Crmnica, Nahije, Koman...

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Lake Zminica - wild nature at your fingertips

A few minutes' drive from Njeguđa, nestled in a bay surrounded by coniferous forests, there is a lake that always smells of autumn - Zminičko. Although it is located on Sinjajevina, it belongs to the Durmitor National Park. It got its name from the place of Zminice in Zabljak, where it is located. It has an altitude of 1285 m.The depths of the...

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The best locations for diving in Montenegro

The sea of Montenegro definitely provides the conditions for a quality diving experience, whether it is for experienced divers or those who are venturing into the depths of the sea for the first time.The underwater world of the Adriatic abounds with many underwater caves and corals that create the most beautiful diving scenes. What should be emphas...

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Visit and Explore the Venice of Montenegro

Only thirty kilometers away from the capital of Montenegro is Lake Skadar, the largest freshwater area in Southeast Europe, the home of a curlew bird that decided to build its nest right there. Lake Skadar is the magical Venice of Montenegro. It is the largest freshwater lake in the Balkans. It is located on the very border between Montenegro and A...

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In the Boka Aquarium, the most diverse specimens from our sea...

The Boka Aquarium in Kotor carefully preserves the most diverse inhabitants of our sea in its eighteen pools.As aquarist Tamara Mitrović said, in the aquarium they have several species that attract the attention of visitors, and one of them is also the largest species they have - grouper."According to some of our estimates, it weighs four to five k...

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Budva tourist attractions: Three places you must not miss

Budva is known for its beautiful beaches, clear sea, and good nightlife, but what is certainly less known, but no less important, are its "hidden" treasures, which tourists find more and more often.  Church of St. Sava in ĐenašiThe Church of St. Sava and the viewpoint in Đenaši are located above St. Stephen. From this place there is an incredi...

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Parking prices on the Montenegrin coast range from 0.40 to 15 euros

The price of a parking space in coastal municipalities, per starting hour, ranges from 0.40 in Ulcinj to seven euros, which is what it costs in special parking lots in Budva, while the price of a daily ticket varies from two in Tivat to 15 euros in Kotor.This comes from the price lists of city companies that manage parking lots in Budva, Herceg Nov...

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From the sea to the mountains in an hour

Only here you can experience the mountain and the sea in one breath or, even better said, in a single day! A day that starts off with sunbathing and swimming in the sea can easily end at the top of the mountain.  From Herceg Novi to Orjen The Herceg Novi wilderness has an extensive, top-quality network of over 30 marked hiking and mountaineeri...

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Top 5 beaches in Tivat where you must swim this summer

Summer is in full swing, and our inbox is full of questions about the beaches we recommend. Recently, we discovered the hidden beaches of the southern part of the coast and we know that you enjoyed the peace of Crystal Beach, Hladna Uvala, Paljuškovo... ?It's time to move on, to Boka Kotorska. We have decided on five beaches of the youngest (and su...

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To the sea with pet: These beaches are pet friendly in Montenegro

Are you going on vacation and you can't imagine a vacation without your pet? Well, he too deserved a refreshment in the sea water, playing in the sand and walking along the waterfront!And to stay unburdened with your pets on the beach, without fear that someone will be bothered by their mischief, #ShareMontenegro brings you a list of beach location...

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A place of special energy - Ada Bojana

The river island in the extreme south of Montenegro and the border with Albania leaves few indifferent. For decades, true lovers of wildlife, sea, nature, river, wind have been coming to Ada as pilgrimages…In recent years, sworn fans have left their prejudices at the entrance ? Comfort is becoming an overrated thing and sun, salt, sand and good com...

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Amphoras and wines from the first underwater winery in Montenegro

"Nevres' patent, a completely new idea on the Montenegrin coast, are refined amphorae and wine bottles from the sea. About 70 times each amphora or bottle of wine as a new product passes through his hands and his family. In the end we get a product that has an artistic breadth, it gives us the breath of the sea. Everything that has to do with the s...

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The tourist organization of Montenegro recommends the top 10 places

According to the recommendation of the tourist organization of Montenegro in the top 10 places to visit in Montenegro are: Tara Canyon, Ada Bojana, Canyon Nevidio, Bay of Boka Kotorska, Three major Christian relics, Porto Montenegro, Sipcanik, National Park Skadar Lake (Skadar Lake) , Ostrog Monastery and Prokletije.  Tara Canyon Part of the r...

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Currently, 15 info tourist points have been opened on the territory of the municipality of Budva

 1.INFO POINT MUNICIPALITY Address: Trg Sunca 3, near the building of the Municipality of BudvaJobs: Payment of sojourn tax, registration of residence, information, otherWorking hours: 08.00h-20.00h (all year round), Sundays in the season 08.00h-14.00hTourist tax collection date: 08.00h-17.40h2.INFO POINT MAIN ROADAddress: Mainski put bb, unde...

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The price of a daily tourist parking pass in Budva is from 7 to 15 euros

Depending on the location of the parking lot, the prices of daily tourist parking passes vary, for which there is great interest because they offer a benefit in relation to paying for parking per hour, our portal from the Budva Parking Service announced."Issuance of tourist passes is extremely simplified and is done at toll booths-checkpoints, whic...

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Don't miss: Flamingos tours in the Ulcinj saltworks

Although it lost its original purpose in 2013, the Ulcinj saltworks was and remains special because of the birds that have always inhabited this area. Even before the exploitation of sea salt began, the birds found their peace right here. Few places in the world have as many different bird colonies as in this area.It is an interesting fact - over 3...

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Kotor - Ocean Lava Montenegro triathlon race on Sunday, May 15

In Kotor on Sunday, 15.05. will be held Ocean Lava Montenegro triathlon race, the sixth in a row, and as part of the Ocean Lava series of competitions held in 12 countries.The race is organized by the Multisport Academy Mayer and the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Kotor.Triathlon is a very attractive Olympic sport that consists of thre...

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