Two gold and three silver medals in Croatia for Montenegrin prosciutto


At the 14th International Prosciutto Fair - ISAP 2022, which was held at the end of last week in Tinjan, Istria, Croatia, Montenegrin prosciutto producers achieved remarkable results. Five medals were won, two of which are gold and three silver, and went to the companies Marteks and Mianja, that is, Zrnožit, Monstate and Interprodukt.

According to TO Cetinje, the three-day fair brought together more than 40 exhibitors, thirty of which are producers of dried meat delicacies. At the fair, in addition to representatives of the Montenegrin prosciutto cluster, cured meat products were also presented by exhibitors from Croatia, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Austria.

According to Cluster coordinator Ilija Ševaljević, this is the third time they participate in the prosciutto fair in Croatia.

"The International Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan in Istria - ISAP 2022 was visited by between 20,000 and 25,000 people. Within the framework of the fair, which is of a show and sales character, musical concerts, various lectures and educations, exhibitions, presentations were organized," emphasized the TO. 

Source: Caffe Montenebgro

Photos: Investitor/cdm


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