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AdriaticLines: Dubrovnik - Budva Ferry

Travel between Dubrovnik and Budva (Montenegro) by fast ferry Embark on a smooth journey of 2 hours from the historic city of Dubrovnik to the sunny shores of Budva aboard our fast catamaran. As you step onboard, you'll find a modern and comfortable interior with plush seating in a climate-controlled environment, ensuring a pleasant ride regardless...

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Use the holidays to enjoy the National Parks of Montenegro

Visit the national parks of Montenegro during the May Day holidays and get to know their values and beauties. Dedicate yourself and your loved ones precious time staying and socializing in a healthy environment! Use these days to explore protected areas, rest and recreation in green areas, hiking and mountain climbing on marked trails, enjoying a w...

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Montenegro airports announcements for the summer 2024 season flights

Montenegro has two of its own international airports – Podgorica in the capital city and Tivat on the coast, in the Boka Bay. And there are several airports in the area from which there are many connections such as Dubrovnik, Tirana, Belgrade .. Podgorica airport Podgorica airport sits 11 km south of Podgorica city center and is the main hub for Th...

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The best ways to order a taxi in Montenegro

Taxi drivers in Montenegro do not have the best reputation. Let's find out if that is a one-sided view or if there is weight behind this stereotype. First of all, the activity of taxi operators in Montenegro is strictly regulated. Taxi companies can obtain a permit only if they fulfill all prescribed requirements. These companies operate in a compe...

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Do not miss the opportunity to visit Biogradska Gora, one of only 5 rainforests in Europe

Europe, unlike other continents such as South America or Asia, has very few areas that can be classified as rainforests. The term "rainforest" typically refers to regions with high annual rainfall and a dense, evergreen forest canopy. In Europe, due to its temperate climate, what we find are mostly temperate rainforests, which are quite rare and si...

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10 reasons why you must explore the north of Montenegro

The north of Montenegro, often overshadowed by the famous Adriatic coast to the south, is a hidden gem that offers a vastly different experience. Here's a broader overview of what makes this region so special: Natural Beauty and DiversityRugged Landscapes: The north is characterized by dramatic mountain ranges, including Durmitor, Bjelasica, and Pr...

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What are the best options for mobile internet in Montenegro

You've probably often had the opportunity to go on vacation and you don't have access to the Internet on your mobile phone. You actually have it, but it has limited possibilities, and additional shopping packages while roaming are by no means a good option. For this reason, we will try to present to you how some offers of domestic operators that us...

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Explore Montenegro by train

Montenegro railways connect 4 major cities in Montenegro Podgorica, Bar, Niksic and Bijelo Polje in domestic traffic as well as Belgrade in international traffic. Below you can find timetables in domestic traffic as well as contact. information. You can also find out about the timetable for Belgrade as well as further international connections from...

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Idea for the weekend: Take a walk to the Jacmen Do beach on Sinjajevina

The Kolašin tourist organization invites all nature lovers to join a walking tour to the Ječmen Do katun on Saturday."Due to the lack of snow cover and the inability to see off the winter season as in previous years, we invite nature lovers to join us on a walking tour to the Ječmen Do mountain. It is one of the larger katuns of Sinjajevina in the ...

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Ideal places for your photo that speaks more than a thousand words

Once, not so long ago, photography was much more complicated. You would need a small camera like a toy and Kodak tape with a limited number of negatives, on which you would print photos. That's why you had to take care that the frame and light were good, so that some of the photos wouldn't fail. Later, they would have to worry about the film not be...

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Price lists of the Montenegrin ski resorts Kolasin (1600) and Durmitor (Savin Kuk) for the winter season 23/24

Montenegro offers a variety of ski resorts suitable for various levels of skiing experience. Here's a comprehensive list of the active ski resorts in the country: Kolašin 1450/1600: One of the biggest ski centers in Montenegro, located in Kolašin, offering a total of 45 km of ski tracks. It operates with 7 ski lifts and spans an elevation range of ...

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Winter 23/24 flights from Montenegro airports

The winter season in aviation begins on October 29 and lasts until the end of March of the following year. When it comes to traffic during the winter season at the Airports of Montenegro, we have preliminary announcements, the implementation of which depends on the airline. These are the announced routesTivat - Belgrade, Serbia Air Serbia, Air Mont...

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The Magic of Montenegro: Discovering the Beauty from the Sea

When it comes to picturesque seaside destinations, Montenegro is a true gem that never fails to enchant visitors. With its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, this small Balkan country offers a myriad of attractions that can be explored by boat. In this blog post, we will delve into three captivating boat trips that every tourist in Monten...

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Why you must visit Piva Lake

One of those places that you don't discover right away, during your first visit to Montenegro, but when you come, it conquers you forever. Beer.32,500 hectares of true beauty hid for a long time in the shadow of neighboring Durmitor. You'll admit, it's not easy to stand out next to the magnificent Durmitor, but Pivi managed it. Because it is specia...

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From Njeguški prosciutto to cake from Perast - 11 branded products that you must try

In addition to the many beauties that Montenegro offers to the growing number of tourists who visit both the south and the north of the country, especially during the summer months, the well-known Peraška cake has been added to the group of protected domestic products, which is the 11th registered domestic product so far.  Durmitor crust ...

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What do you need to know about 22 minutes of your unforgettable Kotor Lovcen cable car ride?

If a tourist asked you which place in Montenegro he must visit, what would you answer? Yes, we would all, rightly, have countless suggestions, but there would be full consensus around one. Magnificent Boka Kotorska. The side is difficult to describe, so it is best to see it from the most beautiful perspective possible - from the gondola on the "Kot...

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The Exquisite Beaches of Budva Riviera

When it comes to breathtaking coastal areas, Budva Riviera in Montenegro easily tops the list. Its mesmerizing beaches captivate the hearts of locals and tourists alike, providing a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Within this enchanting region, many beaches stand out for their natural beauty and unique charm  Mogren B...

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From Herceg Novi: A boat trip to the Blue Cave costs 20 euros, to Perast 35

Owners of small boats that transport tourists to the excursion sites of Rosa, Žanjica, Mirišta and further to Perast say that their visitors are mostly foreigners.A trip to Žanjica costs 10 euros, and the same amount from Žanjica to the Blue Cave. From Herceg Novi to the Blue Cave, which is the most popular among foreign guests due to the possibili...

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6 Must-see places in Ulcinj

"Ulcinj is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast, which has defiantly resisted the test of time for twenty-five centuries. Miraculously raised on the cliffs above the open sea, facing Otranto, it irresistibly conquers all your senses. Over the centuries, the accumulated diversity of cultures and civilizations merged into one whole. Somethi...

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What awaits us this summer in the Montenegrin Alps (Prokletije mountain)?

 On the first of May, with the ascent of Tromeđa, Prokletije was symbolically handed over to mountaineers, thus opening the summer season in Plav. This interesting event gathered over 50 participants from the country and abroad at the place where, at an altitude of 2,366 meters above sea level, the borders of Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo mee...

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