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    Montenegro railways connect 4 major cities in Montenegro Podgorica, Bar, Niksic and Bijelo Polje in domestic traffic as well as Belgrade in international traffic. Below you can find timetables in domestic traffic as well as contact. information. You can also find out about the timetable for Belgrade as well as further international connections from Belgrade.

    Riding the Montenegrin railway can be a special experience due to several reasons:

    1. Scenic Beauty: Montenegro is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes. The train journey offers stunning views of the country's mountains, valleys, rivers, and the Adriatic coast, making it a visually delightful experience.
    2. Historical and Cultural Insight: The railway passes through various historical and culturally significant areas, providing an insight into Montenegro's rich history and heritage.
    3. Engineering Marvels: Some parts of the Montenegrin railway are feats of engineering, including bridges, tunnels, and viaducts that navigate the challenging terrain. This can be particularly fascinating for those interested in engineering and architecture.
    4. Unique Routes: Certain routes, like the Belgrade-Bar railway, are famous for their unique and picturesque landscapes. This line, in particular, is renowned for passing through 254 tunnels and over 435 bridges.
    5. Local Interaction: Traveling by train allows for interaction with local people, offering a more authentic and immersive experience of the Montenegrin culture and way of life.
    6. Affordability and Accessibility: Train travel in Montenegro is generally more affordable compared to other modes of transportation, and it provides access to various regions of the country that might be difficult to reach otherwise.
    7. Relaxed Pace: Unlike air or car travel, a train journey in Montenegro can be a more relaxed and leisurely way to explore the country, allowing travelers to take in the sights and sounds at a comfortable pace.
    8. Sustainable Travel: Train travel is often considered a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, aligning with the growing trend of sustainable tourism.

    For these reasons, a train journey through Montenegro can be a memorable and unique experience, offering a mix of natural beauty, cultural richness, engineering marvels, and a relaxed travel pace.

    photo: https://www.globtourmontenegro.com/en/excursions/excursion-wild-beauty-by-train-montenegro-34  

    Montenegro, with its rich history, diverse landscapes, and cultural heritage, offers a wide range of interesting places to see. Here's a list of some must-visit locations:

    1. Tara River Canyon: Part of the Belgrade-Bar railway line offers views of the Tara River Canyon, which is one of the deepest river canyons in Europe. The scenery here is particularly breathtaking, with lush greenery and rugged cliffs.
    2. Biogradska Gora National Park: This is one of the last three large virgin forests in Europe. The train ride near this park offers glimpses of ancient forests and glacial lakes.
    3. Lake Skadar: On certain routes, you can catch glimpses of Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans, known for its diverse ecosystem and picturesque scenery.
    4. Mala Rijeka Viaduct: This is the highest railway viaduct in the world and is a part of the Belgrade-Bar railway. The view from the viaduct is both thrilling and scenic.
    5. Podgorica: While traveling through Montenegro's capital, you can see a mix of modern and old architecture, providing a glimpse into the urban side of Montenegro.
    6. Mountains and Tunnels: The Montenegrin train journey is characterized by numerous tunnels and bridges that wind through the mountainous landscape, offering stunning views of the rugged terrain.
    7. Old Austro-Hungarian Bridges and Tunnels: Some routes feature engineering marvels from the Austro-Hungarian era, including well-preserved bridges and tunnels.
    8. Coastal Towns: The train journey along the Montenegrin coast offers views of various coastal towns and the Adriatic Sea, known for their unique charm and beauty.

    These sights provide a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and rich history of Montenegro, making a train journey through the country a unique and memorable experience.

    photo: www.happyrail.com 

    DEPARTURES from Bar

    TrainDeparture Arrival Last Stop
    61005:11 AM8:39 AM Bijelo Polje
    61023:30 PM7:22 PM Bijelo Polje
    61045:56 PM9:35 PM Bijelo Polje
    61506:24 AM7:26 AM Podgorica
    61529:23 AM10:22 AM Podgorica
    615411:36 AM12:39 PM Podgorica
    61562:13 PM3:12 PM Podgorica
    61585:03 PM6:06 PM Podgorica
    61609:00 PM10:00 PM Podgorica
    4327:35 PM6:38 AM Zemun(Serbia)

    Belgrade Center

    TrainDeparture Arrival Last Stop
    4338:30 PM 7:23 AMBar
    4326:31 AM 6:38 AMZemun

    Bijelo Polje

    TrainDeparture Arrival Last Stop
    4334:17 AM 7:23 AM Bar
    61016:26 AM10:21 AM Bar
    61039:09 AM12:35 PM Bar
    61057:47 PM11:20 PM Bar
    43211:23 PM6:38 AM Zemun


    TrainDeparture Arrival Last Stop
    71016:20 AM 7:23 AM Podgorica
    710310:15 AM 11:18 AM Podgorica
    71052:15 PM 3:17 PMPodgorica
    71075:00 PM 6:03 PMPodgorica
    71098:00 PM9:03 PMPodgorica


    TrainDeparture  Arrival  Last Stop
    61515:10 AM6:09 AM Bar
    4336:25 AM7:23 AM Bar
    61537:55 AM8:55 AM Bar
    61019:12 AM10:21 AM Bar
    610311:35 AM12:35 PM Bar
    615512:55 PM1:55 PM Bar
    61573:30 PM4:30 PM Bar
    61594:36 PM5:35 PM Bar
    61617:10 PM8:09 PM Bar
    610510:21 PM11:20 PM Bar
    61006:19 AM8:39 AM Bijelo Polje
    61025:06 PM7:22 PM Bijelo Polje
    61047:15 PM9:35 PM Bijelo Polje
    71008:00 AM9:03 AM Nikšić
    710212:50 PM1:53 PM Nikšić
    71043:35 PM4:38 PM Nikšić
    71066:30 PM7:33 PM Nikšić
    71089:45 PM10:48 PM Nikšić
    4328:45 PM6:38 AM Zemun


    TrainDeparture ArrivalLast Stop
    4338:05 PM7:23 AMBar

    Cover photo: Railway Gazzete

    Latest timetable of departures on Link below...Latest timetable of departures on Link below... 


    Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore - Polasci

    Sve informacije o redu vožnje Željeznickog prevozu Crne Gore. Pretraga reda vožnje, polasci, dolasci, ruta, cijene, povlastice. Sa nama ste na pravom putu!



    +38220/441-211; 441-212





    Bijelo Polje



    +38269/363-582; +38240/211-912

    Viber number for information on timetable: +382 (0) 68/441-212.

    Messages can be sent every working day from 7 am to 3 pm. 

    For any compliments, suggestions or complaints please contact us by e-mail at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it...

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