The Travel Magazine: Montenegro in 10 Top Destinations For Digital Nomads


    Working on the go doesn't need to be so expensive. From Asia to South America, there is an abundance of options for digital nomads on a budget.

    • Grecia, Costa Rica: Average living cost of $852 per month. Cheaper place to live with breathtaking natural wonders. Digital nomad visa available.
    • Praia, Cape Verde: Average living cost of $797 per month. Popular spot for water sports. Digital nomad visa allows for at least six months of stay.
    • Quito, Ecuador: Average living cost of $756 per month. Scenic city with low costs for digital nomads. Range of affordable local foods.

    It's that time of year when the gloomy weather has us dreaming of heading abroad to catch some winter sun, but funds (or lack thereof) keep us tied down amid work responsibilities. Alas, there is a way to keep earning an income while enjoying a change of scene without hurting your bank balance.

    From warm Atlantic coasts to scenic mountain ranges, digital nomads have several choices to work remotely across the continents. We have dived through the countries that offer digital nomad visas and analyzed the best offerings when it comes to the cost of living. This list also considers local factors, including workspace environment, tourism opportunities, and connectivity. So, without further delay, here are 10 destinations for digital nomads, ranked by the cost of living.

    10. Grecia, Costa Rica

    Average living cost in Costa Rica: $852 per month

    9. Praia, Cape Verde

    Average living cost in Cape Verde: $797 per month

    8. Quito, Ecuador

    Average living cost in Ecuador: $756 per month

    7 Podgorica, Montenegro

    Average living cost in Montenegro: $720 per month

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    Average living cost in Montenegro: $720 per monthShutterstockView of Podgorica with the Moraca river - Montenegro

    Podgorica, Montenegro, was touted as the cheapest European destination last year as per a study by Post Office Travel Money. The report considered costs such as beverages, sightseeing, and city transport.

    Montenegro announced its digital nomad visa scheme in 2021, noting that it would last until 2025. However, as of 2023, there are still limited details regarding the visa. Still, according to, those who receive the visa can stay in the Balkan nation for four years.

    With monthly living costs totaling $720, Montenegro is a natural destination for a working holiday in Europe.

    As per Numbeo, the general cost of living in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, can be split by:



    Meal at a local restaurant


    Single ticket on local transport


    Monthly utilities


    Monthly rent


    6. Timișoara, Romania

    Average living cost in Romania: $652 per month

    5. Curepipe, Mauritius

    Average living cost in Mauritius: $651 per month

    4. Curitiba, Brazil

    Average living cost in Brazil: $601 per month

    3. Bogotá, Colombia

    Average living cost in Colombia: $574 per month

    2. Córdoba, Argentina

    Average living cost in Argentina: $494 per month

    1. Negombo, Sri Lanka

    Average living cost in Sri Lanka: $428 per month 


    10 Top Destinations For Digital Nomads, Ranked By Living Cost

    Working on the go doesn't need to be so expensive. From Latin America to Asia, there is an abundance of options for digital nomads on a budget.

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    Montenegro has become a new destination for digital nomads. Apply for a visa for digital nomads in Montenegro and find out how you can work on the beach, or in an authentic log cabin on the mountain near the fireplace. Or you chose places with the sounds of the river and the summit of waterfalls.
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