The best ways to order a taxi in Montenegro


    Taxi drivers in Montenegro do not have the best reputation. Let's find out if that is a one-sided view or if there is weight behind this stereotype.

    First of all, the activity of taxi operators in Montenegro is strictly regulated. Taxi companies can obtain a permit only if they fulfill all prescribed requirements. These companies operate in a competitive market and are rarely responsible for unethical behavior.

    The problem children in the Montenegrin taxi landscape are without a doubt the unofficial taxi drivers that operate without any license and often without ethics and morals. Since they are not allowed to park at the airports directly, you will often find them standing further away. It's hard to tell the difference at first sight between who is legit and who is not.

    Arriving by Airplane in Montenegro

    How to recognize a legit taxi driver?

    Montenegro taxis are only allowed to operate in the municipality where their companies are registered. Look out for a license plate starting with either 'PG' -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or 'TV' arriving at the Tivat airport.

    The 'TV' or 'PG' is then followed by 'TX', the universal letters that only a taxi company can use on their license plates. The plates will look something like this:

    The 'TV' or 'PG' is then followed by 'TX', the universal letters that only a taxi company can use on their license plates. The plates will look something like this

    Regular vs. Irregular Taxis

    Regular vs. Irregular Taxis

    • Regular Taxis: These are licensed and officially recognized taxis. They are usually marked with a taxi sign on the roof and have a visible meter inside. They follow regulated fares and are considered safer.
    • Irregular Taxis: Also known as "wild taxis," these are unlicensed cabs that might not follow regulations. They often don't have meters and may charge higher rates. Using these can be riskier in terms of both safety and pricing.

    But in Montenegro there are especially "enterprising" taxi drivers (unofficial, illegal taxi drivers) who can slightly increase the tariff in the taxi meter, depending on the person sitting next to them … Therefore, tourists should use only licensed taxi carriers in Montenegro

    Traffic jams on city and suburban roads, bad weather, difficulties in public transport can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble and excitement on the way to one of the airports Podgorica or Tivat in Montenegro, to the bus station in Podgorica and Tivat or the coastal towns of Petrovac, Sveti Stefan, Becici, Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Bar, Ulcinj … Using our transfer ordering service, you canbe sure that you will arrive by plane, bus or train on time, and the trip will be extremely fast and comfortable. All you have to do is order a transfer in advance so that the car arrives on time

    Choosing the Right Taxi

    1. Look for Official Markings: A licensed taxi should have clear signage, a company name, and a visible taxi meter.
    2. Check the Condition of the Vehicle: A well-maintained car is a good indicator of a professional service.
    3. Ask Locals: Hotel staff or locals can often recommend reliable taxi companies.

    • Taxi fares in Montenegro are relatively affordable. They usually have a base fare plus a price per kilometer.
    • Always confirm if the meter is working before starting your journey.
    • It's advisable to ask for a rough estimate of the cost before starting your journey, especially for longer distances.

    Airport Taxis
    • Montenegro's airports, like Podgorica and Tivat, have official taxi services.
    • Look for the taxi stand; avoid accepting rides from solicitors inside the airport.
    • You can often pre-book an airport taxi for convenience.
    Taxis with Applications
    • In recent years, app-based taxi services have become more prevalent in Montenegro.
    • These apps allow you to book a ride from your smartphone, providing details like fare estimates, driver information, and trip tracking for safety.

    Is Taxi expensive in Montenegro?

    Taxi rates vary in Montenegro and depend on location and season. In Podgorica and other cities and towns in Montenegro's Interior, fares are between 0,80 and 1,80€ per kilometer.

    Along the coast, it is more expensive. Taxi fares can be higher from May to October with some taxi companies at about 1,80€ per kilometer and 1,50€ per km during all other months. Some companies charge less and some more than that but these are the averages.

    1. Start Fee (Flag Fall):
      • This is the initial charge for getting into the taxi. In Montenegro, the start fee typically ranges from €1. to €2.
    2. Price per Kilometer:
      • After the start fee, taxis charge a rate per kilometer traveled. This rate usually ranges from €1.80 to €2.5 per kilometer.
      • The rate might be higher in tourist areas or for premium taxi services.
    3. Waiting Time:
      • If the taxi is waiting (e.g., in traffic or if you need to make a stop), there may be a charge for waiting time. This is usually priced per hour and can range from €10 to €15 per hour.
    4. Night and Weekend Surcharge:
      • Some taxi companies may charge higher rates during the night (often after 10 PM) and on weekends. This surcharge can be an additional percentage of the fare or a fixed increase in the per kilometer rate.
    5. Airport Transfers and Fixed Rates:
      • For trips to and from airports or other long-distance journeys, taxis might offer fixed rates. These rates are usually set and can be more economical for longer distances.

    How to book a Taxi in Montenegro

    Booking a taxi is easy in Montenegro. If you need a taxi immediately, it is best to call. Not all taxi drivers have a command over the English language but all taxi dispatchers (the ones who will take on your call) do. Should you still feel insecure, you can ask at the reception of your hotel or in a shop nearby.

    Booking a taxi in Montenegro is relatively straightforward and can be done in several ways, depending on your location and preferences. Here are the most common methods:

    1. Phone Call

    • Direct Call: The traditional way to book a taxi is by calling the taxi company directly. Most hotels, restaurants, and local residents can provide you with phone numbers for reputable taxi services.
    • Hotel Concierge: If you're staying at a hotel, you can ask the concierge to book a taxi for you. They often have contacts with reliable taxi services and can arrange transportation for you.

    2. Using Smartphone Apps

    • Local Taxi Apps: While global taxi apps like Uber might not be operational in Montenegro, local taxi companies often have their own apps. These can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
    • Third-Party Apps: There may be regional apps available that aggregate various local taxi services, allowing you to book and pay for a taxi through the app.

    3. Online Booking

    • Some taxi companies in Montenegro offer online booking through their websites. This can be a convenient option if you prefer to arrange transportation in advance.

    4. Messaging Apps

    • WhatsApp/Viber: It's increasingly common for taxi services in Montenegro to accept bookings through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. This can be particularly convenient for international travelers to avoid roaming charges.

    5. Taxi Stands

    • In many cities and towns, especially in tourist areas, you can find taxi stands where taxis are readily available. This can be a good option if you need a taxi immediately and do not wish to book in advance.

    6. Through Restaurants or Bars

    • If you're at a restaurant or bar, the staff can often call a taxi for you. This is a common practice, especially in areas frequented by tourists.

    Tips for Booking Taxis in Montenegro

    • Check for Official Taxis: Ensure that the taxi is licensed. Official taxis will have a visible taxi sign and a meter.
    • Know Your Destination: Have the address or name of your destination ready to provide to the driver or when booking.
    • Confirm the Price: If possible, ask about the estimated fare in advance, especially for longer trips or if the taxi doesn't have a meter.
    • Safety First: Always prioritize your safety. Avoid getting into unmarked vehicles or accepting rides from drivers soliciting services at airports or bus stations.

    By using these methods, you can conveniently book a taxi in Montenegro and enjoy your travels

    You can try Try Intui transfer service 

    Taxi from Montenegro airports

    How to recognize a legit taxi driver?

    Montenegro taxis are only allowed to operate in the municipality where their companies are registered. Look out for a license plate starting with either 'PG' -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or 'TV' arriving at the Tivat airport.

    The 'TV' or 'PG' is then followed by 'TX', the universal letters that only a taxi company can use on their license plates. The plates will look something like this:

    PG – TX – 111


    TV – TX – 222

    Look also at the taxi vehicle. Such a car should be branded and have a taxi number printed on the car from multiple sides. Not all taxis are white however, there is no strict color scheme.

    Even if it is your first-time visit to Montenegro, you should not get overwhelmed. The airports are tiny and there is only one designated area with parked taxis. Note however that these taxi prices are higher than if you had scheduled a taxi ride upfront with a local taxi service.

    Info: Whether you sit on the back row or front passenger seat, you need to always buckle up in Montenegro even if some drivers will tell you otherwise.

    Scheduling a ride upfront

    Montenegro taxi and transfer companies are flexible when it comes to organizing your airport pickup. Airport transfers are usually booked at fixed prices in advance so that you know exactly what to expect in terms of costs.

    You can contact a taxi in Montenegro most efficiently via instant messenger – Viber and What's App are the most popular. You can also call and some companies have a booking platform on their website.

    You will then give them your flight number and any flight details you have at hand. Also, inform them about a flight delay immediately.

    If you are traveling with big groups or prefer more comfort and luxury, it would be better to arrange the ride with a specialized airport transfer company. They usually can provide everything from the newest models of sedans to 8-seater minivans, and larger buses.

    Order taxi from Airport Tivat and Podgorica

    If you need a taxi from Tivat or Podgorica airport, be sure to skip the taxi driver at the airport. Their price lists are often much larger than those on the price lists. This is especially the case in the summer season.

    In order to avoid these inconveniences already at the very beginning of the holiday, we suggest that you book transport via the website, application, Viber... or use only the taxi companies that we have indicated on the list by city.

    The best options for transfers from Montenegrin airports are to hire some of the online services, such as the previously mentioned GoMontenero, you can also use the applications Intui Transfers and Kiwi taxi, as well as booking local taxis in cities. The list of taxis by city and options for booking will be in the continuation of the text

    Taxi service prices

    RED TAXI TIVAT/Kotor prices



    20,00 €
    KOTOR MUO20,00 €
    KOTOR PRCANJ25,00 €
    KOTOR DOBROTA25,00 € - 30,00 €
    PERAST35,00 €
    LUSTICA BAY25,00 €
    BUDVA35,00 €
    BECICI40,00 €
    SVETI STEFAN45,00 €
    PETROVAC50,00 €
    BAR80,00 €
    PODGORICA90,00 €
    HERCEG NOVI50,00 €
    IGALO55,00 €


    Terrae Taxi in Budva prices

    Red Taxi Podgorica prices

    DestinationFrom airport PodgoricaFrom PodgoricaFrom airport Tivat

    Ada Bojana
    70,00 €70,00 €115,00 €
    Andrijevica105,00 €100,00 €135,00 €
    Banja Luka260,00 €250,00 €290,00 €
    Bar45,00 €45,00 €95,00 €
    Beograd290,00 €280,00 €340,00 €
    Berane95,00 €90,00 €130,00 €
    Bijelo Polje80,00 €75,00 €95,00 €
    Bileća80,00 €70,00 €120,00 €
    Budva50,00 €45,00 €45,00 €
    Cetinje30,00 €25,00 €55,00 €
    Čačak200,00 €190,00 €250,00 €
    Dubrovnik (airport)135,00 €135,00 €120,00 €
    Drač120,00 €115,00 €190,00 €
    Dubrovnik (city center)150,00 €150,00 €135,00 €
    Foča105,00 €100,00 €180,00 €
    Gusinje (through the Republic of Albania)70,00 €60,00 €150,00 €
    Herceg Novi90,00 €85,00 €85,00 €
    Igalo90,00 €85,00 €80,00 €
    Jaz55,00 €50,00 €45,00 €
    Kolašin50,00 €45,00 €100,00 €
    Kopaonik180,00 €170,00 €210,00 €
    Kosovska Mitrovica175,00 €170,00 €225,00 €
    Kotor65,00 €60,00 €
    Mojkovac65,00 €60,00 €110,00 €
    Mostar130,00 €125,00 €160,00 €
    Nikšić40,00 €35,00 €85,00 €
    Niš225,00 €220,00 €275,00 €
    Novi Sad290,00 €280,00 €340,00€
    Ohrid185,00 €180,00 €265,00 €
    Ostrog30,00 €25,00 €80,00 €
    Peć150,00 €140,00 €200,00 €
    Perast75,00 €70,00 €
    Petrovac (through the tunnel)45,00 €45,00 €70,00 €
    Petrovac (over the hill)45,00 €45,00 €70,00 €
    Plav (through the Republic of Albania)80,00 €70,00 €150,00 €
    Pljevlja115,00 €110,00 €145,00 €
    Prijepolje110,00 €100,00 €160,00 €
    Priština200,00 €190,00 €250,00 €
    Risan75,00 €70,00 €65,00 €
    Rožaje115,00 €110,00 €145,00 €
    Sarajevo140,00 €135,00 €215,00 €
    Skadar55,00 €50,00 €120,00 €
    Skoplje260,00 €250,00 €310,00 €
    Sutomore40,00 €40,00 €65,00 €
    Sveti Stefan50,00 €50,00 €50,00 €
    Šavnik70,00 €65,00 €130,00 €
    Tirana (airport)110,00 €100,00 €160,00 €
    Tirana (city center)130,00 €120,00 €175,00 €
    Tivat65,00 €60,00 €
    Trebinje80,00 €75,00 €100,00 €
    Ulcinj60,00 €60,00 €105,00 €
    Užice145,00 €140,00 €200,00 €
    Valjevo225,00 €215,00 €275,00 €
    Zlatibor150,00 €140,00 €200,00 €
    Žabljak85,00 €80,00 €150,00 €

    Taxi services with online applications and website reservation

    Go Montenegro Taxi (Podgorica,Tivat)

    Go Montenegro is a professional airport transfer company that also offers limo and chauffeur services. A standard ride from the airport in Podgorica to the center of the city will cost 12€. You can also upgrade to business class or minivan – 25€ and 30€.They also have a 16-seater minibus at a rate of 100€ per trip.Go Montenegro is a well-managed company and you can expect a reliable transfer at agreed-upon fares. Don't order at the last moment if you want that the car arrives on time at the airport.

    Monte Taxi

    Montetaxi is an innovative mobile transportation app that makes it easy for riders to get a reliable, affordable ride when they need one. Our app allows users to call a taxi right from their smartphone. With our simple interface, users can request a ride to their current location and choose from one of 3000 taxis operating around the country. For groups of four or more passengers who want a more luxurious experience, Montetaxi also offers VIP transport services to take care of all of their transportation needs.

    City taxi

    City Taxi is part of the regional taxi reservation system - TAXI CENTRALA 19910 .You can book and pay for a transfer with City Taxi vehicles using all payment cards via our booking form. It is necessary to fill in all the fields in order for your reservation to be complete. Only a duly completed request will be processed and in that sense treated as a ride reservation.The reservation was automatically forwarded to the operators, and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your reservation. After sending your reservation, you will receive an email, and after viewing your reservation, please confirm it. Payment for the service is made directly on the bank's website, and there is no risk of misuse of your card.if you have any questions regarding the reservation, please call one of the following numbers: 19711, 19910, 19705, 19725. If your desired destination is not in the list of addresses, please send an email with your requests through the CONTACT form.

    Maestro Taxi (Hercg Novi)

    Maestro Taxi Herceg Novi 24/7, in every part of the city, 100% meets all the needs of its clients. A taxi that has managed to significantly improve the quality of service and become a specific sign of a different and better taxi service. Maestro Taxi, like other local taxi services, typically offers point-to-point transportation within Herceg Novi and potentially to surrounding areas. This can include trips to local attractions, hotels, and possibly longer distances like airport transfers. You can usually book a ride with Maestro Taxi by phone. Some taxi services in the area might also accept bookings via messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp, which is particularly convenient for international visitors to avoid roaming charges. Fleet and Drivers: Maestro Taxi, as with most reputable services in the area, likely maintains a fleet of vehicles that are in good condition, and their drivers are usually familiar with the local area, which can be helpful for visitors.

    eTaxi Podgorica

    We present to you our revolutionary E-taxi service at the best price of 0.70e per kilometer.
    Our fleet is exclusively powered by VW ID 3 electric vehicles, providing you with a sustainable and comfortable taxi experience. Planning a trip? Don't worry, we're here to make your trip to the airport easier! Our reliable taxi service gives you the opportunity to book your ride in advance and arrive on time! Explore Montenegro at the best price with our taxi services. Favorable tariff plans for extra-urban transport make us the number one choice.

    VIP Taxi (Budva)

    In VIP TAXI we provide our numerous clients with not only local transfers within Budva but also with transfers to numerous destinations and excursions to the national parks within and outside of Montenegro.
    To our clients we offer service with our vehicles Citroen C-4 and C4 Picasso, premium Mercedes V-Class van, Mercedes S-Class and minibus Mercedes Sprinter all modern and comfort. All our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technology and the safety of your transfer is guaranteed by our drivers, reliable and proven professionals. A driver with the knowledge of either English or Russian language is available per request.
    If you need a highly professional taxi service please dial (+382)19666 and let us know where do you want our car to pick you up. We are also available on WhatsApp or Viber on the numbers provided on our contact page. You can also send your request for a taxi to our email address:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    KLIK Taxi

    Completely free taxi calling with just one click!
    You don't have to remember phone numbers, or stop a taxi on the street, there is no long wait on the line, it only takes a few seconds to call a taxi.
    Klik Taxi owns only registered taxi associations, which guarantees safety from any fraud.
    - You need to register and activate it with the activation code that you will receive via SMS.
    How does it work:
    - You choose the city
    - Enter the location where you want the taxi to pick you up
    - You choose a taxi association
    - Click on Order
    - You will be notified by the selected taxi association very soon.
    - You can add your favorite locations, for example, House, Work, School and add one of the icons in the offer as an association, after that with just one click you can order a taxi.

    Tesla Taxi

    It's always difficult when you are visiting one country for the first time. You may be well prepared but things read on internet and first steps in new land are mostly different, especially for Montenegro. That's why airport taxi transfer is the easiest way to get to your apartment, hotel or resort. Local/airport fares are always higher then if you pre-order a ride, and it's logical because when you land you don't have options but to wait a lot for regular taxi car or to pay double or triple. It's not easy to deal with heavy luggage too...

    Every holiday should be relaxing and the first step to that is to organise transportation from the airport and have peace in mind. Preorder your taxi at both Tivat or Podgorica airports and avoid hidden charges and inconvenience. All you have to do is to find a driver holding a plate with your name, let him deal with luggage, sit back and enjoy smooth comfort ride while chating with your friends and family about safe arrival as all our cars are WiFi equipped.The most modern and easiest way of booking taxi all around the world is through applications just like TeslaGoApp. 


    Tesla +382 69 057 073

    City Taxi 19711,

    De Luxe Taxi 19706

    Exclusive Taxi 19721

    Gold Taxi 19805

    Halo Taxi 19700,

    In Taxi 19755

    Naš taxi 19709

    Orange 19 Taxi 19709

    Pink Taxi 19705

    Pg Taxi 19704

    Premijer Taxi 19722

    Prestige Taxi 19718

    President Taxi 19740

    Peugeot Taxi 19723

    Red Plus Taxi 19714,

    Royal taxi

    Monte Taxi

    eTaxi Podgorica

    Klik Taxi


    Taxi More 19730

    Maestro 19530

    NOVI 19767


    VIP Star Taxi 19799

    ĐIR Taxi 19737

    RED Taxi 19719

    Monte Taxi

    Klik Taxi


    Red Taxi 19729 .

    Đir Taxi 19777

    HaloTaxi Tivat 19565

    MB Taxi 19503

    Monte Taxi

    Klik Taxi


    VIP Taxi Tel: (+382) 19666

    Slava Taxi Tel: 19715

    Terrae Taxi Tel: 19717

    Sany Taxi Tel: 19728

    Hello Taxi Tel: 19759

    OK Palma 19550

    Monte Taxi

    Klik Taxi


    De Lux Radio Taxi - 19766

    Kalaja Taxi - 19761

    Pasa Taxi - 19745

    Smart Group Taxi - 19788 


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