What are the best options for mobile internet in Montenegro


    You've probably often had the opportunity to go on vacation and you don't have access to the Internet on your mobile phone. You actually have it, but it has limited possibilities, and additional shopping packages while roaming are by no means a good option.

    For this reason, we will try to present to you how some offers of domestic operators that users say are extremely favorable and high-quality. And apart from them, we will also present some international services that provide satisfactory services for using the Internet on a mobile phone through esim. 

    If you have decided to move to Montenegro and want to temporarily work as a digital nomad, information about mobile Internet options is certainly high on your priority list. So, regardless of whether you have suitable WIFI Internet in your accommodation or in your favorite cafe, you will certainly wish to have Internet in your pocket on your mobile phone.

    Having the Internet in your pocket will not be of any use just for using a mobile phone, but you will surely find some hidden place like a beach, park, lake somewhere outside of civilization where you will find the perfect atmosphere for successful work. And there are really many such places in Montenegro. If you have decided to buy mobile Internet from a Montenegrin operator, you will certainly be interested in the following information.

    Can J buy a SIM Card in Montenegro and what J need to to for card registration ?

    Which companies offer mobile Internet ?

    Which types of mobile internet are best for digital nomads ?

    Where Can You Buy a SIM Card in Montenegro ?

    What are the impressions of mobile Internet users ?

    Can You Buy a SIM Card in Montenegro and what j need to registerate card?

    Anyone living in or visiting Montenegro can buy a Montenegrin SIM card from Crnogorski Telekom, One (formerly Telenor) & m:tel with no restrictions. And SIM card registration with your passport information is required in Montenegro. It will be done at the point of purchase.

    Which types of mobile internet are best for digital nomadsYou can get a Montenegrin SIM card for 5 EUR (5.40 USD) from Crnogorski Telekom or 10 EUR (10.80 USD) from One (formerly Telenor) and m:tel in their stores. Tourist SIM cards with 500 GB of data are sold for 10 EUR and 15 EUR (16.20 USD).

    Which companies offer mobile internetThere are three mobile operators in Montenegro, T-COM, ONE (ex Telenor) and MTEL. All these three operators have an offer that refers to those who are temporarily or tourist staying in Montenegro. In order to facilitate the most frequent questions regarding mobile Internet

    Prepaid SIM Cards

    Montenegro has several providers offering prepaid SIM cards, which are convenient for short-term visitors:

    • Crnogorski Telekom: This is the largest mobile operator in Montenegro, known for its extensive coverage and fast speeds. They offer various SIM card options, including data-only SIM cards.
    • One Montenegro (formerly Telenor) & m:tel Montenegro: These providers also offer a range of SIM card options for tourists and locals, with various data packages.
    • M:tel Montenegro: Offering plans specifically tailored for tourists, M:tel is another popular choice.

    One (formerly Telenor)

    Online at any time with the One Travel Package

    Depending on how long you stay on vacation, One offers you two prepaid packages with 500 gigabytes of internet at a price of 10 and 15 euros.
    Depending on how long you stay on vacation, One offers you two prepaid packages with 500 gigabytes of internet at a price of 10 and 15 euros

    • 500 GB - 15 days - 10 €
    • 500 GB - 30 days - 15 €

    For more details about our offers contact us via our webchat on page 1.me, which is also available in English, and get in touch with our agents within one minute.



    Surf the fastest internet in Montenegro! Share your summer adventures carefree.

    Choose Telekom Tourist prepaid package with 500 GB valid for 15 days (10 €), or the one with 30 days validitty (15 €).For everything you love, everything you want to share!

    Once your prepaid number is registered, you can immediately start using the gigabytes; no activation needed. Status check: text INFO to 1467.

    Extend the internet on your phone as well with a Tourist Promo Add-on:

    • 500 GB - 15 days - 10 €
    • 500 GB - 30 days - 15 €

    You can activate the add-on via SMS. Depending on your choice (15 or 30 days add-on), text T15 / T30 to 1467. Status check: text T15 INFO / T30 INFO to 1467.

    Practical details

    Find Telekom Tourist prepaid package on kiosks or visit our branch offices (T-Centers). 


    If the user decides to buy the Mtel tourist 10 prepaid package at a price of 10 euros, by activating the card he will get 500GB for free for free consumption in the next 15 days. Mtel tourist 15 costs 15 euros, and by activating the prepaid card, the user gets 500GB for free for free consumption with a validity of 30 days.

    Mtel tourist 10 - 10eur/500GB for 15 days

    Mtel tourist 15 - 15eur/500GB for 30 days


    Where Can You Buy a SIM Card in Montenegro?

    You can get a Montenegrin SIM card in Crnogorski Telekom, One Montenegro (formerly Telenor) & m:tel stores. They are also sold at Podgorica Airport (TGD) and Tivat Airport (TIV) from newsstands and tobacco stores.

    eSIM Options

    For those with eSIM-compatible devices, purchasing an eSIM can be a more convenient option. eSIMs can be bought online before arriving in Montenegro. Providers like Airalo offer various data plans for Montenegro, such as 1GB for 7 days or 5GB for 30 days, with prices ranging from $6.50 to $17.50 USD. eSIMs use networks like ONE to provide data and connectivity.

    Data Plans and Pricing

    Both physical SIM cards and eSIMs offer various data plans. For example, Telekom offers a 15-day plan with 500 GB of data for EUR 10 and a 30-day plan with 500 GB for EUR 15. Similarly, M:tel has plans aimed at tourists, such as 500 GB of data for 15 days at EUR 10 or for 30 days at EUR 15.

    Purchasing Locations

    SIM cards can be purchased at airports, which is convenient but often more expensive. Alternatively, they can be bought in stores in the city centers. eSIMs can be purchased online, offering immediate delivery with activation via a QR code upon arrival in Montenegro.

    To sum up, Montenegro provides various reliable mobile internet options, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional SIM card or an eSIM, you'll find suitable options with competitive pricing and good coverage. For detailed information and specific plan options, you can visit the websites of these providers or platforms like Airalo, which offer eSIM services. 

    eSim services that work in Montenegro 

    You can get an eSIM for Montenegro for as low as 5 USD and up to 99 USD from Airalo, Alosim, Holafly & Nomad offering between 1 GB and unlimited data to be used locally, in Europe, or globally. 

     you are an existing Airalo user (valid until the 31st of December – only the first 3000 users can redeem either discount code).

    1. AIRALO

    Airalo, the largest eSIM store, has three eSIMs covering Montenegro:

    • Airalo Jezero eSIMs for Montenegro: three eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 6.50 USD) and 5 GB (30 days @ 17.50 USD)
    • Airalo Eurolink eSIMs for Montenegro and 38 other European countries: six eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 5 USD) and 100 GB (180 days @ 185 USD)
    • Airalo Discover(+) eSIMs for Montenegro and 129 other countries: 12 eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 9 USD/15 USD (+10 minutes/10 SMS)) and 20 GB (1 year @ 69 USD/89 USD (+200 minutes/200 SMS))

    Use code NOV15 for 15% off if you have never purchased an Airalo eSIM before OR code NOV10 for 10% off if you are an existing Airalo user (valid until the 31st of December – only the first 3000 users can redeem either discount code).

    2. ALOSIM

    Alosim, a rapidly growing eSIM store with competitively priced eSIMs, has two eSIMs covering Montenegro:

    • Alosim Montenegro eSIMs: three eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 6.50 USD) and 5 GB (30 days @ 17.50 USD)
    • Alosim Europe eSIMs for Montenegro and 31 other European countries: five eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 5 USD) and 10 GB (30 days @ 37 USD)

    You can use code PTW for 5% off any Alosim purchase (as many times as you wish for as many eSIMs as you want). 

    3. HOLAFLY

    Holafly is known for its unlimited data eSIM offering, which it introduced in June 2022 and has been expanded to about 100 countries since. It has only one eSIM covering Montenegro:

    If you use code PHONETRAVELWIZ, you will get 5% off your order (as many times as you wish for as many eSIMs as you want). 

    4. NOMAD

    Nomad is an eSIM store that often has the lowest-priced eSIMs for its most generous data allowance ($:GB ratio) while selling eSIMs from multiple providers. It has two eSIMs covering Montenegro:

    • Nomad Montenegro eSIMs: eight eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 8 USD/13 USD) and 10 GB (30 days @ 35 USD/57 USD)
    • Nomad Global eSIMs for Montenegro and 108/138 other countries: six eSIMs between 1 GB (seven days @ 19/25 USD) and 5 GB (30 days @ 45 USD/57 USD)

    eSIM Services SOURCE


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