Eco katun Vranjak - a magical village where special people live


Eco katun Vranjak, located in Bjelasica, is considered by many to be one of the most attractive places for tourists.

Vranjak is at an altitude of 1800 meters, it looks like a magical village where different and special people live and where time has stopped in some better, more beautiful and simpler times. This katun is also the first Eco village in Montenegro, and the first thing the hosts will ask you will sound strange, they will ask you when was the last time you saw the stars.

"In this place, the starry sky is crystal clear, and for a decade we have been offering all guests to be a part of the life of the Montenegrin highlanders from the past." You will experience the magic of the night in our comfortable cabins with the sounds of the mountains, the hoot of owls and the howling of wolves", said the younger owner of Eko katun Vranjak Miki Bulatović by way of welcome.

Eco katun was created on the basis of the tradition and life of the Montenegrin highlanders centuries ago until today. In Eko katun, they produce exclusively organic food on their own farm, which they serve to tourists.

"With us you have the opportunity to try some of the forgotten national specialties. Here you can rent mountain horses and ride to the nearby peaks of the national park, see how wool is spun in the old fashioned way, listen to the sounds of fiddlers if you wish, or play a mountain soccer match on the plateau below the katun. If you don't know how to ride, you have the option of going through a riding school, and if you don't want to either, you will have a bicycle at your disposal. Here there are countless possibilities for endless walks on the peaks and slopes of Bjelasica and the national park, which our katun borders. Here you are offered the opportunity to participate in village-Katun activities, collecting and splitting wood, milking cows, production of Kolašin cheese and cream, preparation of national cuisine specialties and much more", explained the host. 

Seventy beds in unusual cabins are available to tourists. Some are larger with seven beds, while smaller sleigh-shaped houses with two beds are more interesting. There is no place to walk. You simply open the door and fall headlong into bed. Everywhere one turns, everything is a fairy tale.

Solar energy provides lighting for the entire katun. National cuisine with authentic mountain menu of Montenegro certainly occupies a special place in Katun. As the host explained to us, all specialties are the product of their family farm.

"We started 25 years ago with this story of healthy food that is on the menu, and then we worked as part of "Vila Jelka". We are also the first in the story of eco cotton. All our guests, if they want, can participate in the work. They have the opportunity to see the production of sheet cheese, cream and everything else," said Bulatović.

In cooperation with the governments of Montenegro and Italy, "Vila Jelka" successfully implemented the first project "Cheese Roads", which was already awarded as the best new project in Montenegro in 2011 by the National Tourist Organization and Montenegro Wild. Beauty Award.

"From the menu, I can single out Kolasin kačamak in two ways, cicvara, popara, lamb under the sach, steamed and stewed lamb, meat in the peasant style, lamb on a spit, poached potatoes under the sach or boiled potatoes in a cauldron on chains, crust from the pelvis with homemade bread under the basket, homemade grilled sausage, cheese, cream, sour milk and much more. Our menu also includes forest products, forest fruits, mushrooms and a large number of teas. We also produce homemade juices, as well as all kinds of homemade brandies, honey, dairy products and meat," said the owner.

Special programs for groups of tourists

According to Bulatović, the method of production is organic from the very beginning and most importantly, the portions are not limited.

"For organized groups in the Eco katun "Vranjak" or in the village of Trebaljevo, in the Tara Canyon, Durmitor, Bjelasica or another mountain, we organize special programs that consist of participation in village activities such as milking cows, making Kolašin cheese and cream , chopping wood, collecting hay (plastidba), roasting brandy, cutting wood in the old fashioned way with hand saws, etc. There are also traditional and modern sports, shoulder throwing, long jump, tug of war, orientation in nature, survival, archery. Tourists combine a vacation with a stay in our Eco katun with beautiful mountain walks, horse riding, rafting on Tara, and survival in nature. Once upon a time, only we had three horses on the katun, and it's hard to find any more in Kolašin. Now those tours have become more and more popular, and the number of horses has increased to more than 30", said Bulatović.

Text: Cafe Montenegro


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