Katuns and a village holiday


Have you noticed that the need for nature and a simpler way of life is being woken up in people? Nothing has been tailored to the human spirit quite as much as the ordinary, wooden cabin in the mountains. Welcome to the village, welcome to the katuns!


You can find katuns, modest settlements established so that cattle-herders can provide enough food for their herds and flocks during the summer months, on every mountain in Montenegro. They are reflected in lakes, such as Lake Bukumir, in defiance of the modern way of life and they remind us how far we, within only a couple of generations, have moved away from our essence.

The very few people who still go to the katuns are stopping this tradition from falling into oblivion. In this way, in the katuns they eat food which is completely homemade and unprocessed, and not a single mealtime can go by without dairy products, which cannot be compared to those bought in the city.

If you find yourself in one of the katuns you will hear from the owner numerous legends and anecdotes, and you will learn the most important thing – that time spent in nature is a unique feeling. Time to go back to nature, don't you think?

Holiday in the village

Most Montenegrin villages are part of protected areas, whether they are in the Adriatic hinterland or in the north of the country. Luxuriant nature, rich in water, with very few people living there, created these villages in real green oases. Each one is authentic, special and different – you must visit Njeguši, Gornja Lastva, Limljani, Zagarač, Lubnice, and Japan... but also the tourist ones – ethno-villages in the Piva countryside, along the Tara or Komarnica Canyons, in the virgin forest of Biogradska gora, in Durmitor...

There is no question that you will fall in love with every square inch of the Montenegrin villages. The inhabitants, who are equally delighted at every traveller and receive them as a member of the family, will additionally win over your heart. For this reason, greet each one of them, because these new friendships will lead you to a new understanding of Montenegro. And, if you are in the mood, there is always work to do in the villages, so you can help your host with gardening – that will be one more real adventure full of experiences.

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Source: TO Montenegro

Cover Photo: Katun Maja Karanfil 



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