The healing Women's Beach in Ulcinj is unique in the Mediterranean


In the southernmost Montenegrin coastal town, Ulcinj, in the bay between the Hotel Albatros and the former Hotel Galeb, there is a "women's beach" that doctors recommend for the treatment of sterility due to the healing effect of the sulfur-mineral spring. Sulfuric mineral water springs up in the sea shallows of the "women's beach".

Thermal water was tested for the first time 81 years ago and its effective effects were pointed out then. The sulfur beach is located in a bay, in the center of a pine forest, which is an ideal environment for the treatment of the mentioned diseases with natural factors. Sulphurous water springs up in the shallows. When the waves of clean sea water splash with the sulfur water, ideal micro and macro molecules suitable for natural aerosol therapy are created, explains Dr. Karamanaga and adds that our gynecologists believe that there is an improvement after sunbathing and bathing in sulfur water with the implementation of medical treatments. 

It is desirable that barren women come to the "women's beach" early, at dawn, sunbathe and swim completely naked. From May to October, only women can come to the beach, and the best feeling is to come in the morning when the smell of dense pine trees and water that smells of minerals mingle. You feel your lungs expand. The cave within the beach gives the entire space a sense of secrecy.

The rocks are full of shells. In the very shallows, the water has the color of depth, dark green. The density of water is felt. On the "women's beach" there is a first-class natural picture. During the golden age of our tourism, until the 1990s, the sulphurous water on the "Women's Beach" among the hundred-year-old pines near the Hotel "Albatross" was featured on all tourist brochures. 

This beach was a magnet and attraction for foreigners, but also for those who believed in its miraculous effects. Women still visit the "Women's Beach" en masse today, and from morning until sunset it is always full of women sunbathing in silence and peace, while some head towards the stone performing a ritual and hoping for a miracle and motherhood. Women who never lose hope look for it there, because hope always exists. 

The legend of the women's beach 

The legend associated with Ladies Beach in Ulcinj centers around a young couple, Unuc Alija and Sultaneta, who faced difficulties in conceiving a child. According to the story, in those times, if a woman couldn't bear children, it was customary for her husband to leave her. Alija and Sultaneta were devastated by their situation, to the point where Alija considered a tragic solution.

However, the story took a turn after Alija's mother had a dream. In the dream, an angel appeared and suggested a simple yet mysterious solution: Sultaneta should bathe in a place where "the water has an odor." This unusual advice led them to Ladies Beach, where Sultaneta bathed in the sulfur-rich waters.

Sultaneta followed the angel's advice and bathed at Ladies Beach, known for its sulfuric odor, for 21 days. Miraculously, she became pregnant, and the couple's prayers were answered. This event led to the spread of the story about the healing powers of the waters at Ladies Beach. Sultaneta later had many children, which people believed testified to the power of faith and the magic of Ladies Beach.

This legend contributes to the fame of Ladies Beach and has become a symbol of hope and healing for many women who visit the place, whether or not one believes in the legend. The story adds an enchanting layer to this already beautiful and therapeutic destination.


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