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Although it lost its original purpose in 2013, the Ulcinj saltworks was and remains special because of the birds that have always inhabited this area. Even before the exploitation of sea salt began, the birds found their peace right here.

Few places in the world have as many different bird colonies as in this area.

It is an interesting fact - over 350 species of birds have been registered in Montenegro, of which about 250 have found habitat in Solana. If we know that there are about 500 species of birds in Europe, it is clear that half of the bird world lives right on the site of the Ulcinj saltworks. This fact alone is reason enough to visit it.

The number of bird watchers is constantly increasing

It is estimated that there are over six million bird lovers in EU countries, and as many as 50 million people in the United States. In Great Britain, where the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was formed as far back as 1889, today there are three million people who study birds. Ornithologists say that bird watching is a national sport in Great Britain. 

Due to bird watching, some travel 20,000 kilometers, while the kingdom of birds is on our doorstep. Less than five kilometers from the center of Ulcinj, there is a real little treasure of nature where you can observe the interesting life of birds through the lens.

Flamingos stay in Solana all 12 months

For many visitors to the Nature Park in Ulcinj, the most beautiful experience is watching flamingos - birds that are a symbol of the Ulcinj saltworks.

According to the Center for the Protection and Study of Birds, about 2,500 flamingos live in the area of the saltworks. These charismatic birds live in flocks, and salt lakes are their favorite habitat.

In nature, nothing is accidental - flamingos are rare birds that feed their young with milk. Bird's milk is a symbol of luxury and wealth, and flamingos really stand out with their luxurious appearance. This is the first impression when you observe colonies of flamingos through the lens of binoculars or a telescope.

They got their name from the unusual color of their feathers, because "flamingos" in Spanish means fire. Their feathers take on a pink color because they also feed on a type of crab, and that diet is rich in beta carotene. It is interesting that males have more expressive feather colors, even to shades of red.

Flamingos are also interesting in that they almost always stand on one leg. Some scientists believe that this way they keep the body warm because they lose less body heat with one foot in the water.

You can discover this and many other interesting things about flamingos on the "Flamingos tour in the Ulcinj saltworks".  

 Flamingos tour in Ulcinj saltworks

Tourist agency "Ave tours" from Bar organizes interesting tours, and one of them will take you to the wonderful world of birds. You will discover why birdwatching is an increasingly popular form of recreation, catch the rhythm of nature and hear a lot of interesting things about flamingos, but also other birds that live in the Park area.

You can schedule your Flamingos tour on the phone number +382 69 411 332, write to them via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact them on social networks - Facebook and Instagram.

Experience the magical sunset in the lagoon and indulge in the chirping of birds.

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