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Kotor, Italian Cattaro, walled town, seaport, and resort at the south end of Kotor Bay, one of four bays of the Gulf of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), on the Adriatic coastline of Montenegro. The town, situated about 30 miles (50 km) south of Nikšić, lies at the foot of the sheer Lovćen massif, which rises to 5,738 feet (1,749 metres). Kotor was founded by the ancient Romans as Acruvium. In the 10th century it was an autonomous city ruled from Byzantium, and from 1186 to 1371 it was a free city of medieva lSerbia.

It was Venetian and Hungarian for brief periods, an independent republic from 1395 to 1420, and Venetian again until 1797. The town suffered periodic damage from Turkish assaults and from earthquakes. Between 1807 and 1814 it was occupied by France. The French period was followed by Austrian domination until 1918, when Slav sailors in the Austro-Hungarian navy mutinied at Kotor and the town was incorporated into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (from 1929 to 2003 Yugoslavia).

Much of Kotor's medieval fortifications remains. The town's walls extend for about 3 miles (4.5 km), range in thickness from about 7 to 50 feet (2 to 15 metres), and reach a maximum height of about 65 feet (20 metres). Its main gate dates from the 16th century; the south gate, Kotor's oldest, was partially built in the 9th century. Kotor has many historic buildings, the largest and most beautiful of which is St. Tryphon Cathedral, which was built in 1166 and contains many frescoes and a treasury of jewels. Also notable are the church of St. Luke (1195), which was originally Roman Catholic but has been an Orthodox church since the 17th century

source Britanica

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The Old Town Kotor is also known as Greek fairytale town because the locals say the place was built with the help of a fairy named Alkima. The two sides of the gorgeous fairytale town are compact by Sapphire water and an imposing mountain of emerald green. The beautiful town of Montenegro is considered as the living witness of the history and the people of Bay.

The Old Town of Kotor is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Montenegro, and the cobbled treets are always full of tourists and locals. If you've ever been to Montenegro, then do not miss the chance to visit the below-listed places of Old Town Kotor.

Sveti Tripun: The Sveti Tripun Cathedral is one of the best magnets for tourists that were built in 1166 on the site of an older church. The famous cathedral holds beautiful artifacts that are made by locals and foreign artists. If you want to explore the history of this fairytale town, then Sveti Tripun is best in this term. The wooden Crucifix is the most famous artifact that was a gift from Queen Jelena Kutrenjeska to St, Francis.

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Sveti Nikola: The Serbian orthodox church is famous for its twin domed towers and Serbian flag. The Sveti Nikola church is a relatively new building that was built in 1909. The original building of the church was destroyed in 1543 by fire. Anyone can visit the church to explore the history of huge portraits like Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John. These portraits were the gift to Sveti Nikola church from the Russian Orthodox Church.

Sveti Luka: The Sveti Luka church was built in 1195, and the design of the church is southern Italian. One can see the original frescoes of its building period in this famous church of Old town Kotor. The Sveti Luka church was considered a catholic church before 1657, and now it has become orthodox. But still, it contains the masses of both catholic and orthodox. The Orthodox Church is an example of Bay's traditions, religion, freedom, and tolerance.

Walking tour: It is good to explore the famous attractions, history, and best places by spending an hour doing a walking tour. One can explore the history from the time of its foundation as Acruvium to becoming Kotor. If you are visiting Old Town Kotor between Aprils to October, you can find several tourists walking groups every

San Giovanni fortress: The beautiful walls of San Giovanni fortress have captured 2.8 miles that are 15 meters thick and up to 20m tall. One can experience the beauty of Kotor and incredible views of the Bay through hiking at the Giovanni castle's walls. The hiking is not so easy because you have to go through 1355 steps of stairs, which is approximately 1.2 Kilometer. You can find more difficulty in the summers to reach the top destination. But still, if you have the desire to click an epic selfie at the top of the wall, then get prepared for the day. If your group is of four and more people, then you can also hire a guide by paying very affordable charges. 

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Ladder: The more significant old military path of the Ladder offers scenic and stunning views on each turn. If we talk about the environment of the Ladder then the air is fresh and full of wild theme sounds. That is a little scary for the new tourists. But when you reach the top, then the breathtaking views will help you to forget your stress. One can explore the beauty of Kotor, the Bay of Kotor and mount vermac, san Giovanni castle, and famous Spiljari village from the top of the Ladder.

Kampana: If you want some better hiking spots, then San Giovanni castle or the Ladder than go to the Kampana Tower. You will have to reach the outer section by walking on the walls that are built near the Skurda River and Riva shore. From the outer section of Kampana tower, you can explore the gorgeous views of this fairytale town and the fortress.

Maritime: The Maritime Museum is worth visiting once in life to explore the history of Kotor's fortunate geographic positions. One can witness the wealthy and powerful trade center of the 14th century. The museum is full of beautiful examples like clothing, weapons, and furniture of that time.

The Aquarium Boka is the only public aquarium in Montenegro. The Aquarium builds a public knowledge and action to protect the species and habitats of the Adriatic Sea, actively contributes to various conservation solutions and serves as a role model. Aquarium Boka has 18 tanks divided into four exhibition units: (1) The World Sea and Mediterranean Sea, (2) Adriatic Sea and South Adriatic, (3) Boka Bay and (4) tropical seas.

Cats Museum was founded in 2013. It is located in the middle of the Old town of Kotor, in the area of the antique monastery of Our lady of Angels, which belonged to the nuns of Santa Clara. This area, currently open to the public, used to be an antique refectory

Boat tour A boat trip is the most significant way to explore the Bay of Kotor and other popular attractions of this fairytale town. Some of the great magnets of the city which you can explore through a bot trip are two island churches, Perast Island and blu cave.

Do not forget to have a cone of the famous refreshing Gelato while visiting in Old town Kotor. You can find several flavors like strawberry and pomegranate by just entering through the Sea gate. Apart from Gelato, here are more popular cuisines like grilled sea bream, Balkan grill, čevapi sausages or a pljeskavica pattie, and many more. Your trip will not be completed if you didn't taste these traditional dishes of the region... 


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