German television station ARD-TV recorded footage - On the path from Kotor to Lovćen...


On the track from Kotor to Lovćen, footage was shot for the show on the most watched TV channel in Germany, the main character Petra Raičević from Kotor, who climbed Jezerski vrh for the first time

On Wednesday, April 22, the crew of the largest German state television ARD-TV filmed a group of mountaineers from Boka Bay, the protagonists of a short story that will be seen by European viewers next month. The main character of the five-minute show is Petra Raičević, who climbs the iconic Montenegrin peak for the first time with her friends. The team also includes Nikolaus Neumaier, director of ARD for Southeast Europe based in Vienna, who in this way, from the point of view of ordinary people, brings the culture, history, way of life and thinking of people in Montenegro closer to the citizens of Europe. The story they are working on will be shown on April 23 on the first program of German television ARD-TV in the program "Europe magazine", says Zoran Ikonić, head of correspondence in Belgrade.

-Usually within that half-hour magazine we have six stories from different parts of Europe, and here we will focus on three or four stories from Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia, which concern future candidates for membership in the European Union. We started from Montenegro, since somehow it has advanced further along the way. We will have two stories from here, one is a story about a group of enthusiasts, mountaineers, who set off from Kotor on the way to Lovćen, given that the Germans know the custom that every Montenegrin must climb the Mausoleum at least once in his life.

Petra Raičević has never been and then we followed it today, it is a story where we can transport different aspects - both culture and tradition and the beauty of Montenegro, what can fit in those five minutes, how long that story lasts. The second story we are doing will be in a month, when the host of that show will come to Montenegro with Nikolaus Neumaier. On the train from Kolašin to Bar, they will ride and talk about different aspects of Montenegro - social, political, maybe they will even touch on Albania in that part, explains Ikonić, who often makes reports from Montenegro for this television station. 

Nikolaus Neumaier, who is in Montenegro for the first time, created a scenography that follows the hikers' route from Kotor, through the Škurda river canyon to the Krstac pass, and then up to Lovcen, stopping at several interesting points, where he talks to Petra Raičević and Vesna Pavlović, tour organizer. At one of the viewpoints, a conversation between tour participants on the topic of Montenegro's entry into the EU was recorded. Neumeier already sees Montenegro as part of Europe.

- Montenegro is beautiful, it was a long wait, people were slowly losing hope and it is not certain how long this process will last, but I believe that it will be among the first to receive the status of a new member of the EU. Many advocate the idea that it should be "in the package", but I think that a good step would be for Montenegro to be admitted outside of that package, because it is the only one that has more or less done its "homework" in the sense that it has opened all the chapters , of course, not all are closed, said Neumeier for "Boka news". As a journalist, through his media, he creates a kind of link between Europe and this part of the Balkans. 

- I am here to show the great progress, the good sides, in Montenegro maybe we should point out some things that are not so good, but above all I am a journalist and I do my job. Above all, I am fascinated by the natural beauty of Montenegro, its history, these are some interesting things that should be pointed out, and on the other hand, I see that Montenegro has become quite expensive. We don't know what caused it. We see that there are many empty, abandoned houses on the Primorje, that in some parts there is significant construction and thus the ambiance is collapsing... These are some of the flaws, but I will not talk about them now, because this panorama at the top of Lovcen is an incredible beauty, says the director ARD-TV for Southeast Europe.

Source: Boka News

Photos: Boka News


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