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Montenegro summer 2023 flights announcements


In the summer, with the arrival of the season, numerous new flight announcements appear. Most often, that period is from May to October, Montenegro airports have published a preliminary list of flights for the summer of 2023

"From March 26, the summer IATA season begins, which lasts until October 28.
The airports of Tivat and Podgorica publish a preliminary traffic projection for information purposes. These are the lines that have been announced so far, that is, confirmed or are in the process of being agreed with the airlines.

Please note that announcements are subject to change, which is why, in case you are planning a trip, you need to get information directly from the airline companies.

We also remind you that for all the details about these flights, including information on ticket prices, you should contact the carriers".


Austrian Vienna-Tivat from May-Oct

Austrian Vienna-Podgorica the whole summer season

Wizz Air Vienna-Podgorica the whole summer season


Air Montenegro Yerevan-Podgorica Jun-Sep


Azerbaijan airlines Baku-Tivat May-Sept

Air Astana Almaty-Podgorica May-Sept

Air Astana Astana-Podgorica Jun-Sept


TUI Fly Belgium Brussels-Tivat Jun-Sept

Ryanair Brussels-Podgorica the whole summer season


Ryanair Zagreb-Podgorica the whole summer season


Air Montenegro Brno-Tivat  Jun-Sep

Air Montenegro Prague-Tivat May-Oct


SAS Copenhagen-Tivat Jun-Aug

Air Montenegro Copenhagen-Podgorica Jun-Sep


Air Montenegro Cairo-Podgorica Jun-Oct


Easyjet London-Tivat May-Sept

Easyjet Manchester-Tivat Jun-Oct

Jet2 Manchester-Tivat  May-Oct

Wizz London Gatwick-Podgorica the whole summer season

Ryanair London Stansted-Podgorica the whole summer season

Ryanair Manchester-Podgorica the whole summer season


Air Montenegro Tallinn-Tivat Jun-Oct

Smart Lynx Tallinn-Tivat May-Oct


Transavia Paris-Tivat Apr-Oct

Air Montenegro Lyon-Podgorica Apr-Oct

Air Montenegro Nantes-Podgorica May-Oct

Air Montenegro Paris CDG-Podgorica Apr-Oct

Transavia Paris Orly-Podgorica Apr-Oct


Eurowings Stuttgart-Tivat, from May-Sep

Eurowings Dusseldorf-Tivat from May-Oct

Lufthansa Frankfurt-Tivat May-Oct

Lufthansa Munich-Tivat May-Oct

Easy Jet Berlin-Tivat  Mar-Oct

Ryanair Berlin-Podgorica the whole summer season

Wizz Air Dortmund-Podgorica the whole summer season

Wizz Air Memmingen-Podgorica the whole summer season

Air Montenegro Frankfurt-Podgorica Apr-Oct

Aegean Airlines Athens-Podgorica the whole summer season


Ryanair Budapest-Podgorica the whole summer season


Arkia Tel Aviv-Tivat May-Jun

AL Israel Tel Aviv-Tivat May-Oct

Israir Tel Aviv-Tivat Apr-Oct

Air Montenegro Tel Aviv-Podgorica Mar-Oct


Wizz Air Roma-Podgorica the whole summer season

Wizz Air Milano-Podgorica the whole summer season

Nyx airlines Bari-Tivat Jul-Sep


Avion Express Vilnius-Tivat May-Oct


Air Baltic Riga-Tivat May-Sep


Luxair Luxemburg-Tivat May-Sep

Luxair Luxemburg-Podgorica Jul-Sep


Norvegian Oslo-Tivat  Jun-Aug

Norvegian air Helsinki-Tivat Jun-Sept


LOT Warsaw-Tivat  Jun-Sept

Skyup Warsaw-Tivat  Jun-Sept

Skyup Gdansk-Tivat  Jun-Sept

Skyup Rzeszow-Tivat Jun-Sept

Skyup Katowice-Tivat  Jun-Sept

Enter Air Poznan-Podgorica Jun-Sept

LOT Warsaw-Podgorica the whole summer season

Wizzair Warsaw-Podgorica the whole summer season

Air Montenegro Rzeszow-Podgorica Jun-Sept

Rayanair Gdansk-Podgorica the whole summer season

Enter Air Katowice-Podgorica Jun-Sep

Wizz Air Katowice-Podgorica from Jun-Oct

Air Montenegro Katowice-Podgorica from Jun-Sep

Ryanair Krakow-Podgorica the whole summer season

Ryanair Wroclaw-Podgorica the whole summer season


Air Montenegro Podgorica-Bratislava from Jun-Sep


Air Montenegro Ljubljana-Tivat the whole summer season


Air Montenegro Belgrade-Podgorica the whole summer season

Air Montenegro Belgrade-Tivat the whole summer season

Air Serbia Belgrade-Podgorica  the whole summer season

Air Serbia Belgrade-Tivat the whole summer season

Air Serbia Niš-Tivat from Jun-Sep

Air Serbia Kraljevo-Tivat Jun-Sep


Ryanair Barcelona-Podgorica the whole summer season

Alba Star Madrid-Podgorica Jun-Aug


SAS Stockholm-Tivat  Jul-Aug


EasyJet Geneva-Tivat Jun-Sep

Edelweiss Zurich-Tivat May-Aug 

Air Montenegro Zurich-Podgorica Apr-Oct


Turkish airlines Istanbul-Tivat the whole summer season

Air Montenegro Istanbul-Tivat the whole summer season

Tailwind Airlines Istanbul - Podgorica Apr-Sep

Turkish airlines Istanbul-Podgorica the whole summer season

Air Montenegro Istanbul-Podgorica the whole summer season

Air Montenegro introduces charter lines to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

At the end of May, Air Montenegro will launch three new charter routes to the Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Return flights from Tivat to Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn will take place from the end of May until the beginning of October, twice a week on each of these lines.

"The opening of our country to the Baltic market is of great importance for Montenegrin tourism and this year's tourist season. For a long time, there has been a great interest of tourists from the Baltic countries in Montenegro. By launching lines from Tivat to Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, the national airline responds to high demand during the peak summer season, but also in the important post-season period. By contracting direct charter lines to these cities, we will make our country even more accessible and attractive to the market, which has great potential," the national airline said.

As they state, negotiations are ongoing for the launch of other charter lines.

"We receive optimistic announcements from tourism officials and our associates from different markets, so that this summer season we will connect Montenegro with numerous destinations. Our goal is to surpass the results from 2022 this year and transport around 400,000 passengers in regular and around 90,000 in charter traffic", the company states.

They remind that this year the national airline also flies to Belgrade, Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Prague, Brno, Katowice, Rzeszów, Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Frankfurt, Zurich, Copenhagen, Bratislava, Tel Aviv...

Source: Bokanews

Air Montenegro flight announcements for summer 2023

Air Montenegro will introduce two new routes this summer, from Podgorica to Bratislava and from Tivat to Brno, as well as restore seasonal operations launched last year. Furthermore, the carrier will operate a number of regular charter flights, among which are to Katowice, Rzeszow, Tel Aviv, Yerevan and others.

This summer, Air Montenegro will wet-lease an Airbus A320 aircraft, which will mainly be deployed on services to Copenhagen, Lyon and Nantes. Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the Global Distribution System (GDS).

Furthermore, the table below displays the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies on select routes may not come into effect until later on in the summer. The summer season runs from March 26 until October 28.

Departing Podgorica

Departing Tivat

Source/Photos: EXYU Aviation  

Eurowings will spend the summer in Tivat: flights from Dusseldorf in April, from Stuttgart in May

Eurowings, a member of the Lufthansa Group, will launch the Dusseldorf-Tivat route on April 2, and flights from Stuttgart to the Montenegrin airport "on the foam of the sea" will begin on May 14.
On the Dusseldorf-Tivat route, flights will be operated every Sunday until June 20, when this German low-budget company, in anticipation of the summer season, will switch to 3 flights per week on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

At the beginning of September, Eurowings plans to return to one flight a week, on Sunday, and will stick to that plan until October 15, when it stops flying on this route.
The expected price of a one-way ticket on this route varies and, depending on the flight time, can be around 200 euros for a basic package that includes only hand luggage.
The flight time from Dusseldorf to Tivat is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

As for flights from Stuttgart, from May 14, when this line is launched, flights will only be operated on Sundays. This will be the case until July 23, when Eurowings switches to 2 flights per week until September 10, after which until the end of September, flights on this route will be operated only on Sundays.

The expected price of the ticket on this route, depending on the time and tariff, can be from 105 to 195 euros.The duration of the flight from Stuttgart to Tivat is 1 hour 55 minutes.
Please note that Eurowings offers fares with and without checked baggage on its flights to the Montenegrin coast (smart and basic fares), and in accordance with the previous operations of this German airline, you can expect last minute offers that can be very favorable.

Source/Photo: Avioportal.me

From June, flights Podgorica-Bratislava and Tivat-Brno

The Air Montenegro company will introduce two new airlines from our country this year, from Podgorica to Bratislava and from Tivat to Brno, the portal exyuaviation.com announced.
In this way, connections will be strengthened and the potential arrival of numerous and announced tourists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be facilitated.

The line from Podgorica to Bratislava will run twice a week, and according to current announcements, it will be active from June 17 to September 23.
When it comes to Brno in the Czech Republic, the line will be active from Tivat three times a week, from June 15 to September 23.

As published by the portal exyuaviation.com, Air Montenegro's summer routes to Bratislava, Copenhagen and Nantes have been confirmed for now from Podgorica. The line to French Lyon starts once a week on April 14.

Source: exyuaviation.com

Polish LOT plans 57 weekly flights to the markets of the former Yugoslavia (including flights to Podgorica)

LOT Polish Airlines will operate up to 57 weekly flights from Warsaw to the markets of the former Yugoslavia this summer season, which begins on March 26, and Podgorica is among the destinations.
Unlike previous years, the airline will serve the region only from the capital of Poland with a total of eight destinations. LOT will continue to operate in Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Split, Skopje and Zagreb.

The airline will not return to Pristina this year due to pronounced one-way seasonality during different parts of the summer, while services to Zadar and Rijeka will not be maintained because the airline faces significant competition from low-cost airlines on the Croatian coast, reports ExYu Aviation News. LOT will have up to eleven weekly flights from Warsaw to Belgrade and Zagreb with its Embraer family fleet. Ljubljana will be operated up to nine times a week with Embraers, while Skopje and Podgorica will operate daily.

Services to the Macedonian capital will be operated by Embraer, while a combination of Boeing 737 and Embraer aircraft will fly to Podgorica.

LOT will have up to eleven weekly flights from Warsaw to Belgrade and Zagreb with its Embraer family fleet. Ljubljana will be operated up to nine times a week with Embraers, while Skopje and Podgorica will operate daily.

Source: Investitor 

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), is coming to Montenegro again this year

The first flight on the Copenhagen-Tivat route will be realized on June 30, and the flights will continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until August 11. The departure from Copenhagen is expected at 15:35, while the return from Tivat will be at 19:05.
An Airbus A320Neo airplane of the Swedish airline company will travel from Copenhagen to Tivat in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Depending on the tariff and time period you choose, the ticket price is expected to range from around 80 to 320 euros.

On the route Stockholm-Tivat, the flights of this Swedish company will start on July 4 and will be realized every Tuesday and Thursday until August 10. The departure from the capital of Sweden is expected at 06:05, while the return from Tivat will be at 09:55.
SAS is planning Airbus A320Neo planes on this route as well, and the flight is expected to last 3 hours.
For the lowest fare, it is expected that the passenger should spend from 85 to 250 euros for a one-way flight.

Source: Avioportal

The Norwegian airline company Norwegian plans to launch flights from Helsinki and Oslo to the Montenegrin airport on the foam of the sea this summer.

The Norwegian low cost company's fleet, composed exclusively of Boeing 737-800 aircraft, will maintain the route between Oslo and Tivat from June 23 to August 18, with flights every Tuesday and Friday. The expected price of a one-way ticket on this route is around 230 euros, and the flight on this route lasts 3 hours and 20 minutes, avioportal.me writes.

As for the flight on the route Helsinki - Tivat, Norwegian will fly every Wednesday from March 29 to October 11. The lowest ticket prices on this line are around 120 euros one way, and the flight duration is 3 hours and 5 minutes.

Tickets for both routes are already on sale.
After the bankruptcy of the Norwegian company in 2020, restructuring followed, during which a new business plan was adopted. That plan involves covering the market of your region, and doing your best during the summer months with flights to warm seas.
This working principle worked well last year, and even better results are expected this year.

Source: Boka News

Cover photo: Boka News

As reported by the Ex YU Aviation portal, flights will take place three times a week from May 13, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

They remind that operations between the two cities were originally planned to start this year.
With the launch of this line, Tivat becomes the second Austrian destination in Montenegro after Podgorica, and the company does not face direct competition on this route.

Tickets are already available for purchase through the airline's website.
Austrian Airlines stated in a statement that the route to Tivat, along with several other new European additions, comes after a successful summer season and a "well-booked" winter, reports the portal.

Source: Boka News

Photo: Boka News

Latvian airline Air Baltic will enter the Montenegrin market on May 4, 2023, with a two-week rotation between Riga and Tivat.

The airline has never served Montenegro in the past, and the entry into the new market is part of a broader plan for the region, which will also include flights to Belgrade, Split and Dubrovnik

All destinations will be connected by an Airbus A220 aircraft with 145 seats, which is the only type in the airline's fleet.

On May 16, the airline will start with two weekly flights from Riga to Belgrade, which will mark its return to the Serbian capital after twelve years. It initially operated flights between the two cities from 2009 to 2011, but ceased operations along with several other destinations as the carrier struggled with financial problems and fleet shortages at the time.

Air Baltic CEO Martin Gauss recently told EX-YU Aviation News that they have always talked about Belgrade and that the airline will increase its presence in Croatia by introducing flights from Tallinn to Split and Dubrovnik from May 1st and 2nd. Both routes will be held twice a week.

Source: Investitor

Photo: Air Baltic


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