Black Lake and National Park Durmitor


Located 3km from the town of Zabljak, at an altitude of 1416 meters. It is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forest and above it lies the top of Medjed. More streams flow into the lake, the most famous being the Mill Creek. Black Lake is the largest tourist attraction in Zabljak, and the starting point for the largest number of mountaineering climbs to the peaks of Durmitor, as well as tours of other lakes.

Around the lake, there is a marked trail through the woods, which is also great for experienced cyclists. From the lake, you can conquer the highest peak of Montenegro - Bobotov Kuk (2523mnm), visit the Ice Cave, walk to Jablan, Zminji and other lakes, all with the help of information available on the lake from local rangers and set maps. In 2012, a small adventure park was built on Black Lake, so if you are looking for adrenaline, you can enjoy a park that is active during the summer months.

Durmitor landscapes, by their beauty and intactness, are a rare and authentic part of nature, declared a national park in 1952. Located in the northwest of Montenegro, the Park encompasses the main Durmitor massif with the canyons of Tara, Draga and Susica and the upper part of the canyon valley of Komarnica, covering an area of 39,000 ha. The main feature of the relief of the Durmitor area is the vast plateau at 1,500 m above sea level, which is cut by deep canyon valleys and from which rise imposing mountain peaks, of which 48 with over 2,000 m above sea level and among them the largest Bobotov kuk with 2,525 m. The beauty of the Durmitor Massif is a special charm given by 18 glacial lakes, called "mountain eyes", at altitudes above 1,500m. The biggest and most attractive is the Black Lake. In addition to the beauty of the lake...

Near Black Lake, no less impressive, are Snake Lake, sunken in the centuries-old spruce-fir forest and Barno Lake, in the middle of a vast peatland, surrounded on all sides by conifer forests. In a series of hydrographic pearls of Durmitor they stand out: the beauty and the wilderness of the environment - Skrcka Lakes, shrouded in ice and snow until mid-July - Green Vir and Blue Lake and peppered in the midst of endless meadows - Devil's and Fish Lake. Among the most beautiful ornaments of the Park are the clear, violent rivers that have provided magnificent canyon valleys to the area. The Tara River is particularly impressed with the beauty and movement of its waters and the depth and landscape of the canyon, making it one of the most beautiful in the world. Due to the richness of flora and fauna, the complexity of ecosystems, the presence of over 1,300 species of vascular plants, which is an exceptional concentration with a large number of endemic and relict species, " 

You want to write a postcard to your friends with the words "Greetings with ..." And you stop, the words are lost, I cannot describe the beauty emperors in front of you, here you can only write emotions, write to yourself and lock feelings in the drawer of your heart. The sun caresses you; you want to swim in the lake, feel the touch of fresh lake water, embrace the water, the trees, the top of Durmitor because all this nature has merged into a picture where you want to enter and stay there.

And in winter, when the snow and ice surround the lake, you enter the New Year postcard, a small house surrounded by snow, the light through the window brings you into the family, the windows warm, people living in the beauty of the winter landscape, smoke spreading through the chimney through white expanses, trees decorated with snow stars that only nature can carry, a tree that hides, instead of gifts, all the days of long, cold winters, want to be a part of that New Year postcard and stay there forever. Little and Big Lake are forever connected, hands firmly connected, pouring water and giving it to each other, one gives love in summer, the other returns it to him in winter, and you who love to learn life and love looking into the lake, give selfless love that will give you to come back again.

Summers whose scents are coloured yellow, winters whose scents are white, are combined into a unique rainbow of colours, all of which incorporate the scent of warm Durmitor food, kajmak, sour milk, potatoes, have weaved the wonderful miles you started knitting upon arrival, and you take it like an eternal moment frozen in your heart. If you write with your heart, you remain in the soul of the one who reads, and Black Lake, when you hear it, follow you like a shadow, you do not see it, and you feel that it is behind you.

If you carry the words, if you want to translate them into verses, into poetry, into a melody of music without notes, if you're going to escape to the most beautiful dream, then you have found yourself on Black Lake, the mountain eyes of Durmitor, if you want to supplement your bag of memories from the holidays or winter, start your journey by sitting near Black Lake, you will experience a fairy tale written with dreams, a fairy tale that will not disappear after waking up, it stays with you and in you, you will carry it with you along the paths of life, wherever they lead you.

In front of you is an endless mirror, a quiet, dark surface, it seems that endless coniferous forests grow out of the lake, that Durmitor is also sunk in it, everything is unreal, the nature magician is playing with your soul, living dreams ....


ŽABLJAK Tourism Organisation

Turistička Organizacija ŽABLJAK, Montenegro

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