Unforgettable view of wild nature and the deepest canyon in Europe


Bridge to Đurđević Tara - one of the main attractions of the Durmitor National Park. The bridge is located at the crossroads between Mojkovac, Žabljak and Pljevlja. It was raised over the largest canyon in Montenegro - the Canyon of the Tara River.

The name of Đurđević Bridge, received at the owner of the farm, which was located next to.Arhitekt Bridge was Mijat Trojanović. The bridge was built in the period 1937-1940. year, when Montenegro was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The main engineer of the project was Isaac Ruso. The bridge constructor makes 5 arches 365 meters long, and the length of the largest range is 116 meters. The height of the bridge, if measured by the Tara River is 172 meters. At the moment, construction, Đurđević Bridge was completed, was the largest concrete arched bridge in Europe, which could pass by car.

The history of this bridge is amazing. During World War II, after German interventions in 1941, most of Montenegro, including the Canyon of the Tara River, was under the occupation of Italy. However, the mountain terrain of this area contributed to the partisan war.

In 1942, the Yugoslav partisans together with a single engineer for the construction of bridges, Lazar Jauković, collapsed the central arch of concrete structure and thus preserved the others. As a result, further movement of the Italian army in that part of Montenegro was stopped. The angry Italians were looking for that engineer, who was with Yugoslav partisans, and then when he was caught, they were shooting at him. The most was renovated only in 1946 ....

The bridge is located in the heart of the Durimitor National Park, and below it flows the river Tara, which has one of the deepest canyons in the world.
If you are a nature lover, beautiful view or fan of racking river, this is the right place for you

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