From Herceg Novi: A boat trip to the Blue Cave costs 20 euros, to Perast 35


    Owners of small boats that transport tourists to the excursion sites of Rosa, Žanjica, Mirišta and further to Perast say that their visitors are mostly foreigners.

    A trip to Žanjica costs 10 euros, and the same amount from Žanjica to the Blue Cave. From Herceg Novi to the Blue Cave, which is the most popular among foreign guests due to the possibility of swimming and diving in the indigo blue, you need 20 euros. Excursions to Perast and its two famous islands cost 35 euros. The captain of the ship "Barba" Ivan Peulić says that there are mostly Norwegians, but also guests from the region.

    - Everyone can't wait to go to the sea, get to the Blue Cave and the famous Žanjica picnic spot - says Peulić. 

    - The prices are a little stronger compared to last year, but it's like that everywhere. The new one, I wouldn't change it though. He has always been and remains my safe haven - points out Marija.

    Svein from the Norwegian town of Kristiansand says he is housed at the Igalo Institute.

    - I am very satisfied. I love Herceg Novi and Boka. I haven't been on this ship before, but I was attracted to it because of the yellow color of the sun, which we miss so much in Norway - says Svein. 

    Source / Photos: Boka News


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