On the Tripadvisor list of attractions in Montenegro, one city absolutely dominates (and no, it's not Budva)


On the list of attractions of Montenegro, Kotor practically occupies the first three places and - it is completely clear why.

The Old Town is the first on the Tripadvisor list of attractions in Montenegro, it is recommended to experience it from the inside, walking through its recognizable streets. The Boka Kotor bay is in second place and offers recommendations for various boat tours (Our Lady of Skrpjela, Blue Cave, Perast...), and for those who prefer hiking - in third place are the city walls that stretch around the city, but also along the hill of San Giovanni. They climb up to 280 meters above sea level and from the top offer a fantastic view of Kotor and the bay on one side, and on the other side of the valley and the abandoned village of Špiljari.

It is interesting that it was Our Lady of Rocks that secured this region the fifth place on the list.

Below, read some of the impressions given by the recommendations to Kotor.

"The old town of Kotor is a very cool place with lots of old buildings, narrow streets and, it may sound funny, cats." When I walked through the streets of the Old Town, I felt like I was going back in time to the 20th or 19th century and this experience was great, I can say that I have never felt anything like this before. Another great thing about Kotor is the mountains, this is where I tried hiking for the first time in my life, it was quite difficult to climb the mountain and it took me probably 3 or 4 hours, but it was worth it because the view was beautiful and it gave me is a memory for a lifetime. So I would highly recommend this place to everyone."

"The town of Kotor is protected by its impressive Venetian fortified walls that give it an almost fantasy-like appearance of a stronghold. The old town is located within these walls and the visitor who explores them will find himself in a maze of narrow streets and passages that occasionally open into small squares. In these streets you will find various interesting churches, cafes and bars, pubs and some photogenic architecture. One bonus if you're a cat lover is the colony of feral cats that populate the streets, and there's a sanctuary in the city center where the cats are fed and cared for by a local charity. Visitors are also advised to visit the outer wall fortifications just to admire the imposing gates built to give protected access to the city. If you're feeling athletic, a walk up the steps to the fort high up on the mountain might be if you're interested, although we didn't try it due to the heat."

"We experienced this amazing city from several vantage points – firstly from our cruise ship as we sailed in from Boka Kotorska, the picture was amazing with the morning sun shining directly on the walls and roofs; the second time from inside the old town as we walked through the narrow streets and glimpsed the city as it was centuries ago. It should be on everyone's bucket list!" 


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