From June to September: A Summer in Tivat Full of Events


Tivat is a harbor for numerous boats that enjoy their time here, but it is also a harbor for the best events, making it worth visiting Tivat.

This summer in Tivat, you can expect:

Guitar Fest (May 31 to June 2) – Magical strings will produce beautiful sounds that will spread through the streets of Tivat. A three-day guitar festival featuring performers who will showcase their skills on the strings.

Matinees (May-September) – Mornings that begin with the notes of the most beautiful instruments, and if the day is known by its morning, then every day in Tivat will be memorable.

International Carnival (June 7 to June 9) – A time to immerse in the masquerade ball, music that leads, a story that lasts, and gives Tivat special significance. If life is a carnival, live it to the fullest. Tivat invites you to enjoy the carnival parade again this year.

Mediterranean Theater Festival Purgatorije (June 21 to August 31) – A festival that opens the doors to culture, art, literature, music, a scene above... above the everyday, above everything ordinary. A festival that is a step higher...

Veliki Šušur (International Brass Bands Meeting, June 15) – It's been rumored for a while that there will be a Big Commotion in Tivat. A gathering of brass bands that shouldn't be missed. The city quay Pine transforms into a sea of instruments that are heard far and wide. Let the music be another reason for Tivat to be your address this summer.

Žućenica Fest (June 22) – Another reason to visit Tivat is the unparalleled gastronomic delight. A mystery we will solve together this year, it's green, edible, provides magic in a hundred ways, and celebrates 20 years of existence. Žućenica Fest and specialties packed with many spices, and certainly the best spice is your good mood and empty stomachs ready for tasting.

Music Festival Pearl of the Adriatic (June 29) – Pearls are being strung in Tivat, and songs for the soul are arriving. Tivat invites you to join in choosing the song of the Festival, the Tivat pearl that will shine on the necklace of this city.

Tivat will be the center of the fusion of Mediterranean tradition and modern times, translated into music and song with gentle notes, and an opportunity for those involved in music and song to realize their dreams through it. You will be witnesses of a beautiful new story.

A rich program for all visitors to the city of Tivat has been prepared by Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay, including the Made in New York Jazz Festival in Porto Montenegro (June 21) and the Full Moon Night Party starting June 21 in Luštica Bay.

When talking about events, we must mention concerts by music stars adorning the Tivat sky. Peđa Jovanović (June 8), Yasmin Levy (July 14), Alen Islamović (July 15), Gibonni (July 15), Adi Šoše (August 26).

When we mention Tivat, an essential stop is the sports events like the traditional Bućarska Olympiad, and gastronomic events such as the Fish and Wine Feast, Landscape Days, Lastovo Festival, Dance Without Borders, and many more events we consider beautiful pearls on the necklace of Tivat's music, sports, cultural, and artistic scene.

Are you packed already?

Welcome to Tivat!


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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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